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SZPT Successfully Held the Final of the Third President Teaching Competition

Date: Jan 11, 2023

Judges and contestants took a group photo

On January 10, the Final of the Third President Teaching Competition was held in the Lecture Hall of Chongde Building at Guanlongshan Campus. A total of 17 SZPT experts served as judges, including Party Secretary Yang Xinbin, President Xu Jianling, and Vice President Li Yue. More than 100 audience attended the event, including teachers newly joining SZPT in 2022, deputy deans of teaching units, etc. All full-time teachers synchronously watched the event online. The competition was chaired by Wuyun Gaowa, Director of Quality Assurance Center.

The competition consisted of two parts: lecture presentation and field defense. The 10 teachers who entered the final took the stage in turn to elaborate on the course nature, teaching objectives, learning situation analysis, teaching content, teaching strategy, teaching characteristics and innovation, teaching improvement and reflection, etc. In the random selection of questions, the contestants shared their understanding and implementation of education and teaching concepts, curriculum ideology and politics, integration of science and education, teacher-student relationship and other aspects, combined with their own teaching experience. After each contestant finished the competition, a comprehensive score would be announced on the spot. The competition was fierce and wonderful, which won bursts of applause from the audience.

At the stage of comments by famous teachers, Chi Ruinan, a famous teacher from the “Special Support Program” in Guangdong Province, talked about his experience of this competition with three words: “exciting”, “admiration” and “expectation”. He regarded the competition as a feast of teaching skills, with excellent performance contributed by the contestants, expressed his admiration for the teachers’ dedication to educating students, and expected to cultivate teaching highlights and train new talents through the platform of the “President Teaching Competition”. Xie Lijuan, a famous teacher from the “10,000 Talents Program” in China, encouraged the teachers present at the event to pursue full dedication to vocational education. Combined with her teaching experience, Xie Lijuan talked about the focus and strategy of each lecture presentation, and said that the teaching contents should be based on vocational education to keep up with the industry developments, integrate new ideas of vocational education, and lay emphasis on the quality of students, where teachers should show their teaching quality through the accumulation of knowledge and skills, pursue the lifelong nature of teaching position, and make constant exercises to achieve the realm of “unityof lecture and teacher”.

In the end, based on the results of the first two rounds of competition and the field defense scores, Min Guangpei, Li Bin, He Keren, Ma Deliang and Wang Yu won the “President Teaching Quality Award”, and Xu Lei, Hou Jie, Pu Beilei, Li Yimin and Li Junping won the “President Teaching Quality Nomination Award”.

In his concluding speech, Xu Jianling started with two key words “leading” and “connecting”, pointing out that teaching quality is the lifeline of the college; the “President Teaching Competition” should reflect the leading characteristics of teaching level, and for this platform, the college raised funds in various ways to make it a platform for sustainable development. Xu Jianling said that this competition vividly demonstrated the persistence and love of the old, middle-aged and young teachers to teaching, all of whom, with great passion and hard work, presented a wonderful competition together. The college should continue to drive all teachers to participate in the competition and make continuous progress and improvement in the teaching process. Meanwhile, he hoped that the Office ofAcademic Affairs, the Quality Assurance Center and the Teacher Development Center could work together to give full play to the driving role of the Third President Teaching Competition, and also connect well with the provincial and national teaching competitions to recommend more excellent teachers and realize our greater breakthroughs in teaching competitions.

It is reported that the selection of the Third President Teaching Competition began in July and lasted for 4 months. After the first round of personal application, college review and recommendation, material review, expert review and announcement, and the second round of lecture selection, combined with material review and comprehensive evaluation and announcement, the 10 contestants were shortlisted for this on-site lecture presentation competition.

(Text by Quality Assurance Center, Text by Zhang Lei, Department of Publicity)


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