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International Office/School of International Exchange and Cooperation Held an International Chinese Teaching Salon

Date: Oct 26, 2022

To further promote the localization and distinctive construction of international Chinese teaching resources, give full play to the characteristics of international Chinese teaching at SZPT, accelerate the creation of a number of original and innovative teaching resources, and form a high-level and high-quality international Chinese teaching resource system with SZPT characteristics, all full-time teachers from the International Office/School of International Exchange and Cooperation visited Blue Dream Media Co., Ltd. on October 26 for the school-enterprise joint research and holding a salon under the theme: focusing on the construction of primary Chinese teaching resource base to boost the international Chinese teaching.

Since its formal establishment at the beginning of 2022, the project has received great support from the leaders and teachers of the International Office/School of International Exchange and Cooperation. The teachers of the project team have overcome numerous difficulties and conducted teaching research meetings and script revisions more than ten times, laying a solid foundation for the smooth progress of the project. In September, the teaching Demo started shooting, and the teaching team formulated a general plan, detailed schedule, and implementation flow chart for the project, with specific responsibility assigned to individuals, ensuring the project could be pushed ahead on schedule. Based on the principle of highlighting Chinese characteristics and Chinese confidence from an international perspective, being learners-centric and aiming to service high-quality teaching, the project will further enhance the professionalism and teaching level of our teachers, serve the international Chinese teaching at SZPT, help teachers grow, and effectively improve the teaching quality.


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