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Asia-Africa Center Held an International Vocational Education Cooperation Seminar with Vocational Education Institutions of Germany and Mongolia

Date: Sep 8, 2022

On September 8, the UNESCO Asia-Africa Center, GIZ (Germany), VEPT (Mongolia) and Zhejiang Technical Institute of Economics held a network seminar on the trilateral cooperation among China, Germany and Mongolia to support capacity building of vocational education in Mongolia.

The seminar first discussed the capacity building program for leaders and key teachers of vocational colleges in Mongolia in 2022. Chimid Tungalag,,Director of VEPT, expressed the hope that China and Germany could help Mongolia’s vocational colleges to carry out capacity building for automobile, smart building and ICT majors. Through the discussion, the Asia-Africa Center intends to organize a series of online lectures by experts on the construction of smart building, artificial intelligence and telecommunications technology majors for Mongolia in November this year. VEPT will also select pilot vocational colleges in Mongolia for in-depth exchange and learning with SZPT.

The second item on the agenda of the seminar discussed the Leadership Program for Digital and Green Vocational Education proposed by the Asia-Africa Center. Yang Wenming, Director of Asia-Africa Center, introduced the general situation of the UNESCO Chair on Digital Vocational Technology presided over by Yang Xinbin, Secretary of the Party Committee at SZPT. The Asia-Africa Center intends to hold a leadership program on digital and green vocational education in November this year to share the theoretical framework of digital transformation of vocational education from an international perspective, and SZPT’s solutions and cases in digital and green vocational education, and invite domestic and foreign experts from UNESCO, Germany and other countries to participate in the reporting on the provision of green vocational education.Representatives of other organizations expressed their support. Preliminary discussions were also conducted on joint preparations for participating in the World Vocational Skills Competition, which however, will be delayed due to the COVID-19.

The cooperation of Asia-Africa Center with vocational education institutions in Germany and Mongolia to carry out capacity building of vocational education can enhance the international resource development ability and international academic exchange ability of relevant majors of the School of Artificial Intelligence, the School of Electronic and Communication Engineering and the School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering at SZPT, effectively drive our digital technology standard and talent training mode to “go global”, improve our international influence and reputation in Europe and Asia, and accelerate our process of building a “world-class vocational college”. (Lin Qianmin, Asia-Africa Center)


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