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SZPT Ranked among Top 200 Universities and Colleges Nationwide by Nature Index for Two Consecutive Years

Date: Jun 27, 2022

Recently, the official website of Nature Index released the latest ranking of universities/institutions, and SZPT’s ranking hit a new high. We have a total of 23 papers selected in this issue, ranked 190thon the list of universities and colleges in Mainland China, and ranked among top 200 universities and colleges nationwide for two consecutive years since 2021.

It is reported that Nature Index was first published in November 2014 and has become an important indicator to evaluate the high-level academic output of scientific research institutions. It mainly calculates and counts the number of research papers published in 82 journals of natural science, including Nature, Science, Cell, etc., categorized in chemistry, earth & environmental sciences, life sciences, and physics, by variousscientific research institutions in the previous year. The statistical period of this ranking is from March 1, 2021 to February 28, 2022. In addition to the overall ranking, SZPT is ranked 165thand 186threspectively on the domestic rankings of chemistry and earth & environmental sciences in this issue.

In recent years, SZPT has taken moral education as the fundamental task, implemented the strategy of strengthening the colleges with talents, and vigorously promoted the construction of high-level scientific research platforms and teams, with high-level scientific research achievements constantly emerging, and the strength of applied scientific research and the ability to serve regional innovation and development greatly improving.

(Fan Yujun, Division of Scientific Research)


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