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School of Financial Technology Held a Ceremony for Appointment of Honorary Dean

Date: Jun 27, 2022

The appointment ceremony was held in Conference Room 109, Mingde Building

In the afternoon of June 6, the ceremony for appointment of honorary dean of the School of Financial Technology was held in Conference Room 109, Mingde Building, Shenzhen Polytechnic. Yue Ying, former President of China Merchants Bank Shenzhen Branch, was appointed as honorary dean of the School of Financial Technology. Xu Jianling, Deputy Party Secretary & President of Shenzhen Polytechnic, attended the ceremony. Wang Ying, Dean of the School of Economics, chaired the ceremony.

Xu Jianling presented the letter of appointment to Yue Ying

Xu Jianling said in his speech that Yue Ying, as a leader in the financial industry, being appointed as the honorary dean of the School of Financial Technology, is an important progress in deepening the integration of industry and education and the university-industry cooperation between the two sides, and will play a driving role in the development of the School of Financial Technology.

Yue Ying expressed his heartfelt thanks and delivered a wonderful academic report entitled “Innovation of Commercial Banks in the Era of Digital Economy - Taking China Merchants Bank as an Example”. He introduced the development form and evolution process of commercial banks in different stages of productivity, deeply interpreted the exploration and practice of commercial banks in the era of digital economy from six aspects of digital customer acquisition, digital operation, digital product innovation, digital risk control, management upgrading and fintech empowering output, and finally pointed out that “the digital transformation of commercial banks and the innovation driven thereby is the only way to the future, which is long and difficult, requiring an open mind, the courage to rise from the ashes and the determination to reinvent yourself. Technology is the key force driving development, and the light of financial technology illuminates the way forward for commercial banks”.

After the report, Yue Ying also had an interaction with teachers and students from the School of Economics and answered their questions. He emphasized that finance students should learn economics, accounting and finance, mathematics and statistics, and basic knowledge of law, and need to work on their personal character.

It is reported that the School of Financial Technology is a demonstration industrial school that combine the functions of talent training, scientific research, technological innovation, enterprise services, and student entrepreneurship, established by the School of Economics, on the basis of cooperation with Ping An Group, through further in-depth cooperation with the China Merchants Bank Shenzhen Branch, Great Wall Securities Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Bao’an Outlet, Taikang Life Insurance Shenzhen Branch, Bank of Hangzhou Shenzhen Branch and other related organizations to integrating banking, securities, insurance, fintech and other financial/fintech enterprises. The School of Economics and the leading enterprises in the field of fintech working together to build a high-level featured industrial college is conducive to jointly tackling key technical difficulties in the field of fintech. The School of Economics will continue to explore the mode of industry-education integration, facilitate the construction of high-level featured industrial college, promote university-enterprise consultation, construction, management, governance and win-win, realize the sustainable development of featured industrial college, and constantly enhance the talent training quality.

(Text by Liao Qi, School of Economics, Image by Zhang Lei, Department of Publicity)


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