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SZPT and Century Heng Cheng Signed a School-Enterprise Strategic Cooperation Agreement

Date: Jun 27, 2022

In the morning of June 8, the signing of a school-enterprise strategic cooperation agreement between SZPT and Century Heng Cheng Intellectual Property Agency (hereinafter referred to as “Century Heng Cheng”) and the opening ceremony of an internship base was held. Zhang Xuebin, Director of Intellectual Property Promotion Department of Shenzhen Market Supervision Administration, and Dong Chaojun, Vice President of SZPT, attended the event.

Hu Haiguo, President of Century Heng Cheng, delivered a welcome speech. He introduced the basic situation of Century Heng Cheng, and expressed his gratitude on behalf of Century Heng Cheng to the leaders of Shenzhen Polytechnic and Shenzhen Market Supervision Administration. Century Heng Cheng is affiliated with Heng Cheng Intellectual Property Technology Group, focusing on intellectual property services and intellectual property protection. The group now has a professional team of more than 700 members, with rich experience in intellectual property practice. The cooperation between the two sides will be bound to create a new model of intellectual property vocational education, give birth to fragrant “innovation flowers” and abundant “talent fruits” of school-enterprise cooperation, and explore the high-yield “development road” of school-enterprise cooperation.

Zhang Xuebin, the special witness of the signing ceremony of the school-enterprise strategic cooperation agreement, Director of Intellectual Property Promotion Department of Shenzhen Market Supervision Administration (Shenzhen Intellectual Property Office), then gave a speech. He pointed out that Shenzhen has made great efforts to build a benchmark city for IPR protection, and achieved gratifying achievements in improving the IPR system design, giving effect to the ten tasks of the comprehensive authorization reform, and implementing the reform of new IPR legal protection, especially in the number of patent authorizations and trademark registrations. These work cannot be separated from the cultivation and introduction of intellectual property talents. The deep school-enterprise cooperation between SZPT and Century Heng Cheng can give full play to the resource advantages of the college and the enterprise to jointly cultivate intellectual property talents. The courses “Intellectual Property Theory and Practice” delivered by Wang Ying, Dean of the School of Economics of SZPT, enjoys a high reputation among national vocational colleges, and has cultivated a teaching team with national teaching ability. As a comprehensive intellectual property agency, Century Heng Cheng has a large number of experienced intellectual property professionals. The cooperation in personnel training between the two sides through order classes and other forms can make due contribution to serving the innovation and development of Shenzhen.

Vice President Dong Chaojun delivered a concluding speech. He expressed gratitude to the staff of both sides in organizing the event and prospected the future of school-enterprise cooperation. Dong Chaojun first introduced the situation of SZPT, focusing on the integration of industry and education, the “nine common” standard system of school-enterprise cooperation, and the situation of 14 featured industrial schools. Dong Chaojun highly affirmed the professional team and competence of Century Heng Cheng. In particular, he pointed out that the School of Economics would serve as the organizer of school-enterprise cooperation, and the major Legal Affairs would undertake the responsibility of order classes; along with the breeze of holding the first standard order class, it is necessary for the two sides to link up the job demand with talent training to cultivate students in the enterprise scenario, to require students according to the enterprise standards, and to regulate students with the enterprise system, so as to to effectively improve the quality of talent training and the innovation and entrepreneurship ability, and to provide experience that can be replicated and extended for other humanities and social science majors at SZPT.

In the end, the two sides jointly unveiled the internship base and took a group photo.

In addition, a signing ceremony for the joint construction of a national intellectual property information service center by SZPT and Century Heng Cheng, a signing ceremony for the school-enterprise Party construction by the School of Economics and an opening ceremony for the intellectual property order class in the major of Legal Affairs were also held at the event.

Persons in charge of the Department of Publicity, the Library, the School of Economics and the Scientific Research Office and some teachers and students from the major of Legal Affairs participated in the event.

(Text by Li Yue, School of Economics)


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