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SZPT Ranks First on the National Competitiveness List of Higher Vocational Colleges for Eight Consecutive Years

Date: Mar 21, 2023

Recently, “Golden Apple Ranking” announced the top 1000 Chinese higher vocational colleges on the competitiveness list. SZPT ranks first on the list for eight consecutive years.

It is reported that, “Golden Apple Ranking” (“GAR”) has been developed by the CASEE of Hangzhou Dianzi University, Zhejiang Institute of Higher Education, Research Center for Development Strategy and Evaluation of Constructing a Province with Powerful Higher Education, and Research Center for Chinese Science Evaluation of Wuhan University, in conjunction with, comprising four evaluation reports, i.e. Chinese universities, world universities, graduate education, and academic journals. Based on the latest “National List of Higher Education Institutions in 2022” released by the Ministry of Education, and combined with the actual enrollment of the colleges, the scope of this evaluation on higher vocational colleges covers 1,519 colleges, including 1,487 higher vocational colleges and 32 vocational undergraduatecolleges. A total of 1,139 lists were made from different dimensions, such as the college, region, type, major category, major type, major, major group, etc.

This evaluation consists of 5 first-level indicators, 34 second-level indicators and more than 100 observation points. Compared with previous years, it adds the provincial “dual-high” construction achievements, adds the first-level indicators of ideological and political construction (including 3 second-level indicators and 13 third-level indicators), adds the Huang Yanpei vocational education award in terms of outstanding talents, adds the national youth post expert and college student self-improvement star in terms of talent training quality, adds the world skills competition in terms of student competition, adds the pilot major co-construction, college-enterprise cooperation, and construction of modern industry institutes in the second-level indicators of industry-education integration, adds the innovation and entrepreneurship institutes, practice bases and outstanding achievements in the second-level indicators of innovation and entrepreneurship, and gives equal consideration to multiple equilibrium relationships, e.g. “scale and benefit”, “quantity and quality”, “teaching and practice”, etc., with both absolute indicators and relative indicators, as well as both traditional indicators and emerging indicators, evaluating the strength and level of 1,487 higher vocational colleges comprehensively, systematically, fairly and objectively.

The “Evaluation Report” shows that SZPT ranks first, which is also the eighth consecutive year that our college takes the top place on the national competitiveness list of higher vocational institutions, followed by Wuxi Institute of Technology, and Zibo Vocational Institute.

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