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First Gold Medal! SZPT Won the Gold Medal in the “Challenge Cup” National Competition

Date: Mar 20, 2023

On March 17-19, co-sponsored by the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, the China Association for Science and Technology, the All-China Students’ Federation and the Beijing Municipal People’s Government, the final of the 13th “Challenge Cup” Chinese College Student Entrepreneurship Plan Competition was held at Beijing Institute of Technology. SZPT’s work “Greenhouse Agriculture Intelligent Ecological Lighting Integration Solutions” won the gold medal, the first gold medal in the “Challenge Cup” national competition since the founding of the college, achieving thezero breakthrough of gold medals in the “Challenge Cup” national competition. SZPT is also the only vocational college in the province that won the gold medal in this competition.

Team leader Yang Jingxian (ninth from left) attended the gold award ceremony of the “Challenge Cup” National Competition

The team of “Greenhouse Agriculture Intelligent Ecological Lighting Integration Solutions” focuses on the problem of low light transmittance of agricultural greenhouses. The self-developed anti-reflection and enhanced-transmittance technology can improve the light transmittance by 40% and reduce the power consumption by 78%. The smart light formula regulation technology developed by the team can realize automatic light distribution and precise light filling for different crops, which shortens the planting cycle, and also improves the crop flavor. The team consists of 13 students from six schools of SZPT, including the School of Materials and Environmental Engineering, forming a multidisciplinary team force. “We hope to be able to use solar energy efficiently and benefit farmers,” said the project leader Yang Jingxian. The team strives to use scientific and technological innovations to revitalize rural areas, promote the development of rural industries, and help farmers increase their income. By virtue of its outstanding achievements and excellent social benefits, the project was featured in China Education Daily in January this year.

To seek new breakthroughs in the “Challenge Cup” national competition, SZPT made systematic planning, optimized the implementation of innovation projects and high-quality construction projects of societies, and established and improved the “Challenge Cup” on-campus selection and cultivation mechanism, greatly promoting the development of scientific and technological innovation of college students. SZPT’s Youth League Committee did its best to prepare for the competition, draw on good experiences, and innovate on the preparation mechanism, which gained the strong support and help from the relevant departments of the college. The Youth League Committee invited more than 10 top experts to carry out more than 30 sessions of special guidance and simulation defense, and continue to provide one-on-one guidance. Under the guidance of leading teachers and experts, the participating team members gave up their rest time, repeatedly improved the works, went to the planting base for field research several times, invited industry experts for themed discussions, and continued to promote the perfection of their works. In the defense competition, the students’ clear statement and wonderful defense won the unanimous praise of the judges, which showed the excellent talent training level of SZPT and the youthful style of our students.

(Chen Wei, Youth League Committee)


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