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Delegation Led by Mr. Martin Fleischer, Former Consul General of the Federal Republic of Germany in Guangzhou Visits Shenzhen Polytechnic

Date: Sep 8, 2021

Group photo of Mr. Martin Fleischer and President Xu Jianling

On the afternoon of September 2, a delegation led by Mr. Martin Fleischer, former Consul General of the Federal Republic of Germany in Guangzhou, visited Shenzhen Polytechnic. President Xu Jianling met with Mr. Martin Fleischer and his delegation at the Conference Room 204, Mingde Building, Liuxiandong Campus. Huang Chuanchuan, head of the Personnel and Party Affairs Division, and Tang Kesheng, head of the Foreign Affairs Division attended the meeting.

On behalf of the school, President Xu Jianling extended a warm welcome to Mr. Martin Fleischer and his delegation. Later, President Xu briefed the basic information of Shenzhen Polytechnic from the school profiles, education features and future development plans, highlighting the exchanges and cooperation between Germany and Shenzhen Municipal People's Government, as well as the cooperation between Shenzhen Polytechnic and German institutions. President Xu mentioned, although Shenzhen Polytechnic had started to conduct some cooperation with schools from Germany, it might have only scratched the surface at the moment, with no landmark major cooperation projects being accomplished yet. Therefore, he wished to take this meeting opportunity to invite Mr. Martin Fleischer to provide some suggestions and support for the future cooperation between Shenzhen Polytechnic and German institutions.

Mr. Martin Fleischer expressed thanks for the warm reception from Shenzhen Polytechnic and noted that it was his pleasure to visit this institution, whose achievements made in the past 28 years since its establishment had impressed him so much. Although he was no longer in the office of the Consul General of the Federal Republic of Germany in Guangzhou, he had been concentrating on the development of vocational education, especially that of Germany and China.He believed the international exchange development plans of Shenzhen Polytechnic were very foresighted and he was willing to get involved in those projects, in order to promote the cooperation and development of vocational education between China and Germany.

After that, both teams held in-depth discussions on the building of Sino-German College of Intelligent Manufacturing, Sino-German vocational education cooperation modes, exchanges among students and university-enterprise cooperation, achieving a preliminary intention for cooperation on those topics.

(Article by Li Simin from Foreign Affairs Division; Photo by Jian Jiayu from Publicity Department)


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