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133 Volunteers from Shenzhen Polytechnic Provide Services for the 2020 China Marine Economy Expo

Date: Oct 20, 2020

Volunteers from Shenzhen Polytechnic provided services for the CMEE, showing an enthusiastic and optimistic image.

From October 15 to 18, the 2020 China Marine Economy Expo (hereinafter referred to as the "CMEE") was held at Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center. A total of 133 volunteers from Shenzhen Polytechnic joined the Forum Group, Rear Service Group, Security Group, and Exhibition Affair Group to provide services. All our volunteers fulfilled service tasks with full enthusiasm and excellent professional competence, and were recognized and highly praised by the Organizing Committee and the superior departments.

The CMEE has been the first large event that Shenzhen Polytechnic undertook the volunteer service since the COVID-19 outbreak. Since the volunteer recruitment notification was published in late September, more than 2,000 students of Shenzhen Polytechnic positively signed up. After selection, recommendation, and training, a total of 133 students were selected to provide volunteer services for the CMEE. On October 12, Shenzhen Polytechnic and the Communist Youth League Shenzhen Municipal Committee organized volunteers for online general training. On October 14, volunteers finished the pre-job professional training and visited their service sites. During the CMEE, the volunteers commuted between the school and the venue to realize closed-loop management in strict accordance with the pandemic prevention and control requirements of the Organizing Committee.

133 Students has provided volunteer services for the CMEE.

During the CMEE, the number of volunteer works made by Shenzhen Polytechnic's students has reached over 600, providing services for more than 6,000 hours. They provided efficient, warm, and professional services at work and stay polite and orderly at the time for shifts, meals, and rest. Receiving participants with full enthusiasm, sincere smile, and responsible attitude, they showed the enthusiastic, open, and optimistic image of students of Shenzhen Polytechnic during the CMEE built on a theme of "Open Cooperation, Win-win, and Sharing".

(Youth League Committee of Shenzhen Polytechnic)


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