International Cooperation

Partner Institutions        

Introduction of High-quality Vocational Education Resources

Since 2006, SZPT has carried out Sino-foreign joint-running programs. So far, it has established four Sino-foreign joint-running programs.

Output of High-quality Vocational Education Resources

SZPT has actively responded to national initiatives and has joined with a number of world-class enterprises such as Huawei, China Merchants Port, etc., served the construction of “the Belt and Road” initiative, exported vocational education experience, and promoted the “going out” of majors and curriculum standards. The international influence of SZPT has been improved greatly.

(1) Overseas Vocational Education Training Center

SZPT has established five Overseas Vocational Education Training Centers in Malaysia, Bulgaria, and Germany.

In 2017, "Shenzhen Polytechnic-Bulgaria Plovdiv University Vocational Education Training Center" was officially established in Bulgaria. This is the first vocational education training center established by a Chinese university in a Bulgarian university.

(2) To carry out international vocational education training, serving “the Belt and Road” initiative, and promoting Shenzhen Polytechnic's Mode

In 2019, Prof. YANG Wenming and Assoc. Prof. ZHOU Yuerong conducted training on China Vocational Education Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education for more than 50 representatives from Cambodian government, universities, banks, enterprises, research institutes, etc.

Main Cooperation Achievements

(1) Participating in the international conference and forum, and bringing "the voice of Shenzhen Polytechnic" to the international stage.

Yang Xinbin, Chairman of Board and President of SZPT, was invited to attend the "2019 China-Germany Dialogue Forum" and made a keynote speech

(2) Building international platforms, and participating in exchange and cooperation in international vocational education

SZPT joined the UNESCO-UNEVOC Network, the first worldwide network dedicated to TVET (Technical and Vocational Education and Training) coordinated by UNESCO-UNEVOC and has been approved to establish the Research and Training Centre for the UNESCO Asia-Africa TVET Project. One of the ten UNESCO I-hubs (Skills for Innovation Hubs Project) in the world has been established in SZPT as well.

In September 2019, SZPT was awarded the “Certificate of Strategic Partner of Skills for Innovation Hubs Project”

(3) Hosting international academic conferences and activities while enhancing international reputation

In May 2019, SZPT held an international academic symposium on advanced functional materials. Rod Hoffman, a professor at Cornell University, an academician of the American Academy of Sciences, and the Nobel Prize winner in Chemistry in 1981, attended the meeting.

In November 2019, SZPT hosted the UNLEASH Global Youth Innovation Camp. 105 young innovative talents from 53 countries and regions, along with 16 innovation process instructors from different countries, gathered in the school.

(4) Improving the international level of students by carrying out the "quality improving and quantity increasing project” for international exchanges

Every year, SZPT organizes students to participate in overseas exchange activities, including student exchange programs, short-term exchange training, international forums, international conferences, etc.

In November 2019, the teachers and students of the School of Applied Chemistry and Biological Technology competed with the students from the world's famous top universities and won the gold medal in the International Genetic Engineering Machine Competition (iGEM). They had the honor of competing as the only team from higher vocational education institutions in China.

In addition, every year teachers and students from partner institutions such as Singapore, South Korea, and Denmark come to the school to participate in Youth Exchange Programs for professional learning and Chinese culture exploration.

Professor Zhou Hanxin of the School of Art and Design is teaching pottery to teachers and students of the Otago Polytechnic of New Zealand.

(5) Encouraging teachers to study abroad, and building a high-level international teaching team

In order to build a high-level international teaching team with an international perspective, cross-cultural education experience and work background, and the ability to grasp the international academic trends, SZPT sends outstanding teachers abroad to participate in training, international academic conferences, international seminars and international competitions every year. 

In August 2019, our teachers went to the Technical Education College in Denmark to receive two weeks of training with the theme of "Curriculum and Teaching Reform".