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School of Construction Engineering


3F,Houde Building, Xilihu Campus, Shenzhen Polytechnic, Xili Sub-district, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, Guangdong.

The School of Construction Engineering sets up six majors, namelyArchitectural Design,Landscape Architecture Design,Construction Engineering Management,Construction Costs, Real Estate Operation and Management,and Building Fire Protection Technology. Among them,it has one key major of national model colleges, one high-level construction major of the first-class higher vocational colleges of Guangdong Province, two second-class brand majors of Guangdong Province, one demonstration major of higher vocational colleges and junior colleges of Guangdong Province, two key construction majors of model higher vocational colleges of Guangdong Province, and three pilot majors of modern apprenticeship system of higher vocational colleges of Guangdong Province. According to the major rankings of higher vocational colleges released in 2021 by Golden Apple Ranking, a website of science and education evaluation in China, several majors of the School are at the forefront of the country,among which Landscape Architecture Design ranks first in the country, Architectural Design, Real Estate Operation and Management, and Building Fire Protection Technology rank first in Guangdong, and the Construction Engineering Management and Construction Costs rank second in Guangdong.

Focusing on market needs and ability training, the School excels in talent training. So far, ithas provided a total of 12,000 graduates over the years for society. In addition, a number of excellent alumni representatives have achieved outstanding performance, many of whom have served as leaders in their enterprises or succeeded in starting their own businesses. The School has been praised by all sectors of society for its good performance in talent training. The third-party survey data on graduates demonstrate the School's outstanding performance in this regard. In recent years, various indicators of the School and majors, such asemployment rates, employment competitiveness indexes, professional relevance degrees, employment status satisfaction degrees, degrees of graduates' recommendation for the School, and degrees of graduates' satisfaction with the School's employment guidance serviceshave all rankedamong the top threeof Shenzhen Polytechnic.

At present, the School has 82 full-time teachers, including6 professors, 28 associate professors (including senior engineers),32 Ph.D. holders, one "Famous Teacher of Guangdong Province", one "Leading Talent in Higher Vocational Education of Guangdong Province", three "High-level Local Leading Talent of Shenzhen", two "Peng Cheng Scholar" Program professors, five "Peacock Plan" teachers, and 23 teachers with nationally registered qualification certificates of architecture-related professional technologies,with a proportion of teachers with two titles or certificates exceeding 80%.Also, the School boasts one national"Huang Danian-style Research Team"and one "Excellent Teaching Team of Guangdong Province". In the past five years, the School has undertakenfive National Natural Science Foundation projects, 14 provincial and municipal projects directly funded by the scientific research funds included in the financial plans of the state, ministries and commissions, provinces, and cities, and 80 provincial and municipal projects funded through technical cooperation, with total funding of RMB 25.64 million, and won one first prize of Shenzhen Municipal Scientific and Technological Progress Award.Besides, it has undertaken nearly 10 projects of the Ministry of Education (MOE), the Department of Education of Guangdong Province, and Guangdong Philosophy and Social Science Planning, and compiled nine sets of industry standards.

In addition, the School has three national-level quality courses and national-level quality resource-sharing courses, and two quality courses of Guangdong Province. During the 13thFive-Year Plan period, it published 20 higher vocational textbooks and wonone grand prize of "Teaching Achievements of Guangdong Province".The School owns a domestic first-class on-campus training center consisting of five training workshops and 20 sub-training workshops, with equipment assets worth more than RMB 24 million.It has cooperated with well-known enterprises in building 110 off-campus internship bases, including three provincial practice bases and three municipal-level public practice bases.

Also, it has establishedlong-term cooperative relationswith industry associations of architecture, landscape architecture engineering, construction costs, real estate and property management, and others in Shenzhen andmore than 30 large well-known enterprises. In July 2018, the School and the listed company Tagen Group jointly established a distinctive industry college,Tagen Institute of Construction Engineering, marking the all-around cooperation of the two sides in school running. By integrating the superior resources of Tagen Group's technological innovation carriers, such as its enterprise technology center, postdoctoral workstation, and academician workstation, and relying on the scientific research and public technical service platform of the School, efforts have been made to build a first-class faculty team and cultivate high-level technical talent to serve the high-quality development of local economy and industry.

The School has oneFamous Instructor Studio in Guangdong Provinceand one Famous Instructor Studio at Shenzhen Polytechnic. It attaches importance to students' career planning and hasbuilt the "Happy Life" Career Development Guidance System Platformto provide students with career development guidance. In 2021,the School was selected as the candidate group for the first "May 4 Youth Medals" of Shenzhen.

In the past three years, the students at the School have wonfour first prizesand two second prizes innational vocational skills competitions, 16 first prizes in provincial competitions, and onegold prizeand two silver prizes in theChina College Students' 'Internet Plus' Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition.

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