Preparatory Meeting for "Belt and Road" International Conference on TVET Held in Shenzhen Polytechnic

The meeting was held at Meeting Room303, Mingde Building, Liuxiandong Campus

On March 23, the first preparatory meeting for "Belt and Road" International Conference on TVET was held at Room 303, Mingde Building, Shenzhen Polytechnic. Liu Zhanshan, Executive ViceChairman of China Society of Vocational and Technical Education (SCVTE),attended and chaired the meeting. Pan Ming, Deputy Secretary-General of SCVTE,Director of the Office of the Secretariat, Ma Micang, Consultant of Departmentof International Affairs, Wu Yanling, Head of Vocational Education and LifelongEducation Division of Guangdong Provincial Department of Education, Chen Qiuming,Party Secretary of the Polytechnic, Yang Ping, Vice Party Secretary of the Polytechnic,and some members of preparatory leadership team attended the meeting.

Chen Qiuming delivered a welcome speechon behalf of the Polytechnic. He said that the Polytechnic would spare noefforts to present the conference, do a good job in organizing the conferencein all aspects, upgrade the internationalization level of vocational educationin China, display the model of Chinese vocational education to the world, andmake important contributions to promoting the exchange and development ofChinese and foreign vocational education.

After that, Yang Ping reported on thepreparatory work for the conference from various aspects including guestinvitations, catering, accommodation, transportation, logistics, security,publicity, and image design.

In the one-day long conference, leaders discussedover the proposed agenda and the proposal documents for the conference indetail. They identified the composition and division of responsibilities of membersof the working organization under the organizing committee, and clarified thetasks and progress of preparations for the next phase. Attendees also came tothe comprehensive building, the staff restaurant, the concert hall, and JinyuanDinning Hall for field visits, and provided clear guidance for related work.

It is reported that the "Belt andRoad" International Conference on TVET is a high-level international conferenceapproved by the Ministry of Education, jointly hosted by China Society of Vocationaland Technical Education, the Vocational Technical Education Center of theMinistry of Education, Provincial Department of Education of Guangdong Provinceand undertaken by Shenzhen Polytechnic. The conference will implement thespirit of the Nineteenth National Congress of the Communist Party of China and XiJinping’s socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics for the new era,discuss over the development strategies and promotion measures for vocationaleducation under the background of the “Belt and Road” initiative, as well asapproaches and schemes for implementation of vocational education cooperationbetween China and countries along the “Belt and Road”.