Another Breakthrough! Shenzhen Polytechnic’s Enrollment Mark Precedes Some Certain Undergraduate Universities and Colleges

Recently, among the hundreds of specializedcolleges in Guangdong province, Shenzhen Polytechnic has enrollment mark rankedthe top, even much higher than some undergraduate colleges.


Shenzhen Polytechnic has enrollment markfor students outside of Shenzhen continues to be No.1 among higher vocationalcolleges in the province, and the number of high-score students increasesgreatly. The marks for arts and sciences were 463 and 409 respectively, higherthan the minimum marks for higher vocational education by 253 and 209respectively, and higher than the second batch of undergraduate education by 45and 49. The enrollment marks for students in Shenzhen for arts and scienceswere 363 and 301 respectively, higher than the min marks for higher vocationaleducation by 153 and 101 respectively, much higher than the last year.


In addition, in the admission completedrecently, Shenzhen Polytechnic has enrollment mark for fine arts and musicranked No.1 in Guangdong province. Among them, the enrollment mark for studentsoutside of Shenzhen is 226 for fine arts, and 367 for culture. The enrollmentmark for comprehensive quality is 235.4. The enrollment mark for studentsoutside of Shenzhen is 225 music, and 357 for culture. The enrollment mark forcomprehensive quality is 233.3.


This year, we have the reform of theadmission mode. In order to meet the social demands on senior skilled talents, ShenzhenPolytechnic accepted 120 students in three majors, such as the electronicinformation engineering technology. It caught the examinee's attention, and theenrollment plan has been completed successfully. Among them, the enrollmentmark for students outside of Shenzhen is 413, higher than the min mark forhigher vocational education by 213. The enrollment mark for students inShenzhen is 352, higher than the min mark for higher vocational education by152.


Students and parents can get admissioninformation through the web ( The 2017 freshmenwill perform enrollment in September 8, 2017 and welcome the arrival of parentsand new students.


In recent years, based on nationalindustrial development and the demand for talents, Shenzhen Polytechnicexplores the training mechanism and provides skilled personnel for industrialupgrading and the development of the society. It has been ranked on top incompetition evaluation among higher vocational colleges in China, with theemployment rate of graduates over 96%. At the same time, Shenzhen Polytechnicpromote innovation and entrepreneurship, highly recognized by the society.