Shenzhen Polytechnic Cooperates with Dapeng New District to Build the First Community College of Tourism in China

Both partiessigned the Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement on Community College ofTourism in Dapeng New District.

On the afternoonof June 2, Shenzhen Polytechnic signed a strategic cooperation frameworkagreement with Dapeng New District to jointly build a community college oftourism in Dapeng New District. Secretary Wang Jingdong, Vice Secretary andCommittee Director Li Yong from Dapeng New District, Party Secretary ChenQiuming, Vice Party Secretary Yang Ping, Vice President Li Yue from ShenzhenPolytechnic attended the ceremony. Leaders from Dapeng New District and ShenzhenPolytechnic witnessed this exciting moment. The college is the first communitycollege of tourism in the country and is expected to be officially open inJuly.

"We buildthe community college of tourism in Dapeng new district, integrate theadvantage resources and achieve mutual benefit." Chen Qiuming stressedthat we are creating "Lifelong School for Shenzhen Citizen". And thecommunity college of tourism is of great significance to better serve the localeconomy and industrial development. He also said that as the first communitycollege of tourism, it provides intellectual support, technical service andpersonnel training for social and economic development. It can also set a goodexample for the construction of domestic community colleges.

Li Yong said inhis speech, Dapeng district is the most potential district of tourism inShenzhen. A world-class seaside eco-tourism resort and a demonstration area ofnational tourism are under construction. The construction of community collegeof tourism will provide talents of high comprehensive quality, strong sense ofservice, professional ability and international vision. It helps to furtherdeepen the tourism development, making full use of social resources, improvingthe service, creating a good environment, and supplying high quality products.We want to benefit more people, and share with the community residents,promoting the transformation and upgrading of tourism industry in the newdistrict.

At the signingceremony, Vice Director of Dapeng new district Liu Feng, and Vice President of ShenzhenPolytechnic Li Yue signed a Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement.

In accordancewith the agreement, both parties will cooperate with each other in teaching,scientific research, community service labor transfer, industrialtransformation and upgrading, vocational training, and community cultureconstruction. We are trying to realize university-enterprise cooperation,building domestic demonstration project "District-School communitycollege", promoting the development of tourism industry in Dapeng newarea.

Director HuWeihua from the School of Tourism Management introduced that in the future,after the construction of the school, people can take relevant trainingcourses, obtain relevant qualification, and become a professional and technicalpersonnel in tourism industry. "To celebrate the establishment of thecollege, and let the students know more about tourism resources, we have heldmany school contests, and this year we will take "Dapeng NewDistrict" as the theme. The best works will be collected forteaching."