Shenzhen Polytechnic Approved UNESCO Asia-Africa Center

Group photo of Shenzhen Polytechnic delegation and UNESCO staff.

Shenzhen Polytechnic is holding a summer camp for undergraduates from Shenzhen International Friendship-City University League.

International students of ShenzhenPolytechnic are experiencing Chinese traditional culture "Shadow Play".

Recently, subject to the consent of UNESCO,the UNESCO Asia-Africa Center has been founded in Shenzhen Polytechnic. The centerpromotes research and cooperation in the field of vocational and technicaleducation within the framework of UNESCO plan, promoting the development ofvocational education around the world.


Actively participate in and promote the developmentof UNESCO vocational education


Back in 2006, Shenzhen Polytechnic wasapproved to join the global vocational education network under UNESCOinternational vocational education center, became one of the more than 260UNESCO vocational education centers. Under the guidance of the UNESCOinternational vocational education center and UNESCO Chinese Committee, the Polytechnicactively participate in the UNESCO vocational education programs, playing animportant role in the vocational education promotion.


In recent years, the Polytechnic hasactively participated in the cooperation and exchange in the field of highertechnical and vocational education, building information platform forinternational vocational education. It plays an important role in the UNESCOvocational education network. Earlier this year, the Secretary of ShenzhenPolytechnic visited Paris and Bonn, reached a consensus with the UNESCO, andsigned a cooperation agreement. In Bonn, he talked with the Director of UNESCOinternational vocational education center. The director hope ShenzhenPolytechnic to play a more important role in the field of internationalvocational education, sharing the experience to the world, becoming the globalmodel in the area of entrepreneurship education and green education.


Improve vocational education in Asia andAfrica


Based on the modern industrial advantagesof Shenzhen and the experience in education of Shenzhen Polytechnic, theapproved UNESCO Asia-Africa Center will improve vocational education in Asiaand Africa. Cooperating with UNESCO international vocational education centerand UN Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific, together with other UNESCOcenters, it performs vocational education research and training project inAfrica and Asia. Through the project, it stimulates the cooperation betweenrelevant centers, promoting sustainable development of vocational education.


The center will also cooperate withinstitutes in member countries, making contribution to the “Belt and Road”strategy. We are building a leading institute, promoting vocational educationin China and the member countries. It is a training base for high-leveltalents, a think tank and research center, and a international communicationplatform. For example, we shall build a high-end international seminar platformto discuss the development direction of vocational education in Asia and Africa.We shall form regional cooperation mechanism to jointly implement the globaldevelopment goal set out by UNESCO. We shall have multilateral interaction withUNESCO international vocational education center and UNESCO Regional Office forAsia and the Pacific.


We will give full play to our ownadvantages. Through platform construction and team building, we cooperate withUNESCO in the wider and deeper level. We implement the concept of UNESCO,promoting vocational education in Asia and Africa region.


Introduce Shenzhen Polytechnic to the worldwith wisdom and strength


In recent years, Shenzhen Polytechnic has cooperatedwith UNESCO to promote the development of vocational education. Also, wecooperate with 11 countries along the "Belt and Road", includingBulgaria, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and others. In addition, we set"Belt and Road" scholarship for international students, attractingstudents from countries along the "Belt and Road". We strengthen thecooperation with well-known enterprises and provide training, buildingvocational education center with international influence in the countries alongthe "Belt and Road". With wisdom and strength, introduce ShenzhenPolytechnic to the world.