E-commerce and Innovation: President Jia Xingdong Visited Alibaba

A group photo

On May 27, under the guidance of PresidentJia Xingdong, related leaders from our strategic partner Shenzhen ForeignEconomy & Trade Service Center and Shenzhen E-Commerce Service Center,together with leaders from the Polytechnic, visited the headquarters ofAlibaba, seeking for cooperation and breakthrough.

The management team from Alibaba and TaobaoUniversity received them in the meeting room and introduced Alibaba businessand the strategic cooperation scheme.


Jia Xingdong said that Alibaba is not onlythe world's leading e-commerce trade platform, but also the symbol ofinnovation and a model of "new economy". He briefly introduced thedevelopment of the school under the national strategic layout, matching thecourses to the enterprises. He also said that Taobao University and ShenzhenPolytechnic shared the same ideal and model. The two institutes could sharewith each other and learn from each other in curriculum development and talenttraining. He hopes that both parties can enhance the communication andcooperation between each other and jointly contribute to the development of theelectronic commerce.


Accompanied by the director of TaobaoUniversity, the guests visited Alibaba's honor wall, headquarter building andeco-industrial park.