Delegation, Led by Bavarian Education Department, Visits Shenzhen Polytechnic

The delegation and leadership of the Polytechnic

On March 20, Mr. German Denneborg paid a visitto Shenzhen Polytechnic, together with 11 delegates including presidents, vicepresidents and deans from vocational institutes in Bavaria and ChiefRepresentative of Shanghai Hanns-Seidel-Stiftung. Mr. German Denneborg and otherdelegates received a warm reception from Chen Qiuming, Secretary of the Party Committeeof the Polytechnic, and Li Yue, Vice President of the Polytechnic, and thedelegation and leadership of the Polytechnic had an in-depth discussion aroundreform of vocational education, intelligent manufacture and smart services inthe context of Industry 4.0 and further Sino-German cooperation on vocationaleducation.


The delegation led by Minister GermanDenneborg visits a practical training room of the School of Electronics andCommunication Engineering

Accompanied by Chen Qiuming and Li Yue, thedelegation paid a visit to practical training rooms of the School of Automotiveand Transportation Engineering, the School of Electronics and CommunicationEngineering, the School of Media and Communication, the School of DigitalCreation and Animation and the School of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, andspoke highly of the favorable practical training conditions offered by thePolytechnic and our students’ ability to put their creative ideals intopractice. Our focus on practice and commitment to nurturing creative, excellentand skilled talents with professional ethics and good learning, thinking andpractical abilities were also highly recognized by the delegation.  

A meeting presided over by Li Yue was held in109 Conference Room in Deming Building following the visit, and the delegationand leadership of the Polytechnic had an in-depth discussion during themeeting.

Chen Qiuming, in his speech, first extended hiswarm welcome to Minister German Denneborg and other delegates. He gave thedelegation a brief introduction to Shenzhen and the history of ShenzhenPolytechnic, and looked back the Polytechnic’s long-established cooperationwith Germany, especially Bavaria. After a detailed introduction to the Polytechnic’sstrategic planning of Five Orientations and Six Integrations for futuredevelopment, Chen stated that being global would be one of the orientations forour future development, and the Polytechnic would stay informed of the latest developmentof vocational education in German and look forward to more extensive and deepercooperation with Germany on vocational education.

German Denneborg expresses his desire to further cooperationand exchange with Shenzhen Polytechnic.

Mr. German Denneborg extended his gratitude tothe Polytechnic for our warm reception and attentive arrangement, and highlyrecognized our innovation in vocational education philosophy, efforts toexplore and what we achieved. Industry 4.0, as a notion, would not offersomething new, but would lead to a big change which required vocationaleducation to take into consideration personalized development of students, accordingto Mr. German Denneborg. He said it was pleased to see that the FiveOrientations and Six Integrations of the Polytechnic had done so and made the Polytechnica leading reformer in vocational education, and further cooperation andexchange between us on vocational education was desired.

Chen Qiuming presents to German Denneborg a paper cutting “SingingLarks” created by students of the Polytechnic

After the meeting, Chen Qiuming presented to GermanDenneborg a paper cutting “Singing Larks” created by students from our ZhishangMaker Practical Center. Chen explained that, in Chinese culture, the twosinging larks implied our future cooperation for better development of vocationaleducation. German Denneborg smiled and said, in German culture, it meant wefell in love. They were given a round of applause for their wit and humor.

The meeting was also attended by Wang Xiaoling,Director of Vocational and Lifelong Education of Shenzhen Department ofEducation, representative of related education institutes, persons in charge ofoffice, School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, School of Automotiveand Transportation Engineering and School of Entrepreneurship and Innovation,and teacher representatives.

(Publicity Dept. Article/Qi Yidan Photo/Liu Man)