President Jia Xingdong Inspects the Proposed Site for SZPT Talent House Project

SZPT Leaders inspected the Fenghuangshan Campus

On December 9, Jia Xingdong, president of SZPT and deputysecretary of CPC SZPT Committee, led a team and inspected the proposed site forSZPT Talent House Project. Joining the inspection were Dong Chaojun, vicepresident of SZPT, Yin Hongwei, deputy director of Service Support Office, and others.

Our leaders checked the terrain of Fenghuangshan Campus, and theconditions of XIlihu Campus and Guanlongshan Campus. After the Service SupportOffice’s briefing in respect of overall campus planning, they set out to inspectthe proposed site for SZPT Talent House Project. President Jia stressed thatthe Talent House Project is an important project for SZPT to resolve thehousing issue of our teaching and administrative staff, attract and retaintalents. A matter concerned with the overall campus planning and with thecommuting convenience of our teaching and administrative staff, the site shouldbe carefully selected before the Project can be started.

Afterwards, the inspection team visited Wangtang StudentApartment. In consideration of the fire hazard because of the many restaurantson the ground floor of the apartment, our leaders urged the Service Support Office toconduct regular inspections on water and power use in the apartment. TheSecurity Office was required to step up patrols in the apartment in respect offire safety and report safety hazards in a timely manner. Other relevantdepartments were requested to make proper emergency plans.

 (Lu Can, Service SupportOffice)