School of Telecommunications Becomes a Dual Base of Google “Android Talent Cultivation Demonstration – Teacher Training Demonstration”

        On December 2, Liang Changyin, a teacher of School of Telecommunications of Shenzhen Polytechnic, attended Google “2016 Higher VocationalEducation Cooperation Project Exchange and Discussion – Teaching Presentation” on behalf of the school. It was grandly announced at the meeting that School of Telecommunications became a dual base of Google “Android Talent Cultivation Demonstration – Teacher Training Demonstration”. There are only 9 such bases in China.

The team of teachers represented by Liang Changyin has been keeping agood cooperative relationship with Google with the support of leaders, professional teachers and teachers of General Affairs Office since the School of Telecommunications successfully declared and became Google “Android Talent Cultivation Demonstration Base” in 2013, and undertook development and construction project of “mobil eterminal software design and application”, a high-quality resource sharing course of Google & Professional Committee of Higher Vocational Colleges, National Research Institute of Basic Computer Education of Colleges and Universities in 2014; Google carried out training for 120 teachers in Android applied technologies of higher vocational colleges in three batches in 2015 and 2016. Moreover, 10 person times of teachers of School of Telecommunications participated in training organized by Google in domestic higher vocational colleges, and excellent students took part in Google summer camp, receiving high recognition from Department of Cooperation with Chinese Universities; in 2015, professor Liang Changyin won Google fellowship (awarded to 4 teachers of higher vocational colleges); in2016, Google awarded Shenzhen Polytechnic the honorary title of“ Android Talent Cultivation Demonstration Base” at teaching reform seminar – annual academic meeting in electronic information of higher vocational colleges.

In the second half of 2016, the team of teachers led by Liang Changyingave full play to the advantages of School of Telecommunications, andactively declared Google “Android Talent Cultivation – Teacher Training Demonstration Base” (dual base) in line with theexperience in cooperation with Google in recent years. The School of Telecommunications of Shenzhen Polytechnic became Google “AndroidTalent Cultivation Demonstration Base– Teacher TrainingDemonstration Base” after internal audit of Google and review ofexpert group of higher vocational colleges, and Zhu Aimin, manager of Google Department of Cooperation with Universities, awarded Shenzhen Polytechnic and Liang Changyin Certificate of Appreciation at Google 2016 Higher Vocational Education Cooperation Project Exchange and Discussion – Teaching Presentation.

The successful application for Google “Android Talent CultivationDemonstration Base– Teacher Training Demonstration Base” shows the outstanding achievements of professional teachers of the School of Telecommunications in construction of mobile application courses, talent cultivation, university-enterprise cooperation, extensional contribution, etc. and encourages them to continue to innovate in this field, forge ahead and play a role of demonstration and leading.

(Huang Guanlan, School of Telecommunications)