School of Applied Foreign Languages and Uni-World Services of South Korea Hold Scholarship Award Ceremony

On December 9, School of Applied Foreign Languages held award ceremonyof “Uni-WorldServices Scholarship” in Room 208, Shixun Building, West Campus. Chairman Mr Luo Zhengzhu and his party, Li Yanyu, deputy dean of School of Applied ForeignLanguages, Ma Lili, director of majors of minority languages, DaiXiang, director of teaching and discipline of campus in Overseas Chinese Town, instructor Jin Lianyu and teachers and students ofKorean major attended the scholarship award ceremony.

At the award ceremony, deputy dean Li Yanyu first extended a hearty welcome to Korean guests, reviewed the nearly ten years ofcooperation from 2007, elucidated the significance of university-enterprises cooperation and international cooperation totalent cultivation of School of Applied Foreign Languages, thanked the enterprise for its care and subsidy for Korean students,congratulated students that won the scholarship, and encouraged students to persist in study, become excellent talents as soon aspossible and make contributions to enterprises and the society. Chairman Luo Zhengzhu said that his family has inseparablerelationship with China, particularly the harmonious family relationship with his Chinese relatives by marriage enabled him to feel the inclusiveness of Chinese culture. He believed that the endless Chinese characters, delicious food and sceneries in China are worth pursuing in all his life, gave full expression to his deep feelings for China and put forward his ardent hope for students.

Deputy dean Li Yanyu and chairman Luo Zhengzhu jointly awarded the scholarship for students, who were Peng Man and Luo Ziyin of grade 2014 in international business Korean major, Fan Jingyi, HuangDandan, Chen Miaolv, Wu Jingyao and Wu Tingfen of grade 2015. Thescholarship is RMB 3,000 for each student, adding up to RMB 21,000.Peng Man delivered a speech on behalf of the students, expressing herthanks for Uni-WorldServices and determination to continue to study Korean. The Koreanstudents present were inspired to make more efforts to study Korean.

Establishedin November 1993, Uni-WorldServices is a company that provides professional consultation and comprehensive services for Korean enterprises that develop businessesin China with professionals from many countries. Uni-World Servicehas awarded scholarship to 15 students of business Korean major of School of Applied Foreign Languages from September 2007. Enterprises directly participate in teaching through scholarship to enable more Korean enterprises to know Korean major of Shenzhen Polytechnic tovigorously promote teaching of international business Korean major.

(Yang Ying, School of Applied Foreign Languages)