Graduation Ceremony of Higher Diploma Course in Electrical Service Engineering Cooperated by Shenzhen Polytechnic and IVE (Haking Wong Campus) Grandly Held

       On the morning of December 11, Shenzhen Polytechnic grandly held graduation ceremony for graduates of higher diploma course inelectrical service engineering cooperated with IVE in east hall of library of Xili Lake Campus. Doctor Liang Youxiang, head of Engineering Department of IVE Haking Wong Campus, and Mr Chen Shuhui,director of higher diploma course in electrical engineering (electrical service), attended the ceremony on invitation. Feng Xiaojun, dean of the School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering,deputy deans Zhong Jian and Guo Shujun, Ms Xia Jingyi of Hong Kong,Macao and Taiwan Affairs Office and all teachers of the cooperatedcourse attended the graduation ceremony to witness the excitingmoment with graduates. The graduation ceremony was presided over bydeputy dean Zhong Jian.

The graduation ceremony was kicked off to the solemn national anthem. Professor Feng Xiaojun made a speech on behalf of Shenzhen Polytechnic, and expressed her warm congratulations to the graduatesand sincere thanks to all teachers of the cooperated course! She reviewed the in-depth exchange and cooperation between the School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering and IVE, and pointed out that the successful cooperation was attributed to the great support of leaders and efforts of teachers and students. She hoped students to be ambitious, down-to-earth and honest, endure hardship to scale new heights, and create their good life by hard work. Finally, Feng Xiaojun hoped the graduates to keep in mind “Today I’m proud of Shenzhen Polytechnic; tomorrow Shenzhen Polytechnic will be proud of me”, and work hard for common prosperity and development of Shenzhen and Hong Kong.

Doctor Liang Youxiang fully affirmed the course teaching system cooperatedby Shenzhen and Hong Kong, expressed his thanks to teachers that participated in the course for their efforts in course development, course teaching, skill training, course review, student management, etc., and hoped the graduates to be assiduous and proactive, andstrive to become versatile engineering talents.

Later, Chen Shuhui, representative of teachers of IVE Haking Wong Campus, and Gao Suping, representative of teachers of Shenzhen Polytechnic, gave graduates words of advice; Li Yaohua delivered a graduation speech on behalf of graduates, expressing his gratitude for Shenzhen Polytechnic and teachers; Li Lianghui presented gifts to Wu Feng, representative of teachers of the School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, on behalf of graduates.

Finally, professor Feng Xiaojun and doctor Liang Youxiang awarded graduation certificate to graduates together.

Sofar, Shenzhen Polytechnic has cooperated with IVE Haking Wong Campusin higher diploma course in electrical service engineering for 8y ears. 132 students of 7 grades have been enrolled, 89 of whom have graduated. The higher diploma course was approved by Hong Kong Institution of Engineers and fully affirmed by universities that cooperate with Shenzhen Polytechnic and IVE, students and their parents.

(Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Affairs Office, School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering)