Vice President of PSA College and her Party Visit Shenzhen Polytechnic

Vice President Li Yue met with Ms AMIDAH BINTI MOHD UJANG and her party in Mingde Building

On December 1, Ms AMIDAH BINTI MOHD UJANG, vice president of PSA College, and KHASNIZA BINTI ABD KARIM, commissioner of Training Department, visited Shenzhen Polytechnic. Vice president Li Yue met with them and 6 teachers and students of PSA College that studied in Shenzhen Polytechnic during November 27- December 3 in No. 407 meeting room, Mingde Building, Liuxiandong Campus. Zhao Jizheng, director of the International Office and relevant workers attended themeeting.

Li Yue extended a warm welcome to the guests, and they pleasantlyreviewed the establishment of Chinese language and culture center inPSA College in October 2016 and details of students learning Chinese.Then they discussed exchange of teachers and students, teacher training and operation of Chinese language and culture center in 2017 in detail.

During November 27 – December 3, PSA College sent 2 teachers and 4 students to study in Shenzhen Polytechnic. Except 1 teacher and 1 student that are Chinese, all of the others joined the first Chinese training class of Shenzhen Polytechnic at Chinese language and culture center in PSA College. They were excited to come to Shenzhen. Their study here included visit to enterprises, cultural experience, professional investigation at School of Telecommunications and exchange with students and overseas students of Shenzhen Polytechnic.