Shenzhen Polytechnic Ranks 1st in Competi`s\vl VE`s\vl Vnal Colleges Again in 2017


OnJanuary 12, Research Center for China Science Evaluation RCCSEandChina Education Quality Evaluation Center of Wuhan University and launched 2017Evaluation Report of Chinese Universities and Disciplines,revealing evaluation result of competitiveness of higher vocationalcolleges and regions in 2017. 5 higher vocational colleges ofGuangdong were ranked among top 40 and ShenzhenPolytechnic topped the list. This is the second time for ShenzhenPolytechnic to be ranked first in competitiveness of highervocational colleges. 

RCCSEhas published evaluation result of Chinese universities anddisciplines for 14 times this year. The colleges and universitiesevaluated were those with qualification for recruiting students ofregular higher education (excluding military colleges anduniversities and colleges and universities of Hong Kong, Macao andTaiwan), the number of which totaled 2,581, including 973 ordinarycolleges and universities (including 136 key universities, 681ordinary universities and 156 private colleges and universities), 262independent colleges and 1,346 higher vocational colleges (including310 private higher vocational colleges). The majors evaluatedincluded 523 undergraduate majors. 617 lists were generated.According to the report, advanced vocational colleges and juniorcolleges are regular institutions of higher education at juniorcollege level, the main force of cultivating appliedtalents and an important part of China’s higher education. Theevaluation report included higher vocational colleges and publishedlist of competitiveness of China’s higher vocational colleges from2013. The evaluation index system of higher vocational colleges wasfurther improved in evaluation objects of 2017, and 1,346 highervocational colleges were evaluated.

EvaluationReport showed that Shenzhen Polytechnic topped the list. This was the secondtime for it to be ranked first in competitiveness of highervocational colleges. Zibo Vocational Institute and BeijingPolytechnic were ranked second and third respectively. GuangdongPanyu Polytechnic (8th),Shunde Polytechnic (10th),Guangdong Industry Polytechnic (26th)and Guangdong Communication Polytechnic (40th)of Guangdong were ranked among top 40.

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