Shenzhen Polytechnic Holds Work Summary Meeting for the First Semester of 2016-2017

        -- To DeepenReform and Innovation Build a World-class Vocational College

Thesummary meeting was held at gymnasium of Xili Lake Campus

SecretaryChen Qiuming interpreted the new thought of work report of the thirdparty congress

PresidentJia Xingdong systematically collated the highlights of administrativeworks in this semester from 8 aspects

On January 11, Shenzhen Polytechnic held work summary meeting of the first semester of 2016-2017at gymnasium of Xili Lake Campus. Party secretary Chen Qiuming and president and deputy party secretary Jia Xingdong delivered a speech, comprehensively summarizing the work of the first semester of2016-2017, specifying main tasks of the next semester and interpreting the work report of the third party congress. The meeting was presided over by deputy party secretary Yang Ping, and leadersTang Xiaoming, Wen Xidong, Ma Xiaoming and Dong Zhaojun, and party committee members Li Xiaoyuan, Li Zhuomei, Tang Kesheng and TanShuchun attended, seated in the front row of rostrum. More than 1,000 faculty and staff members attended the meeting.

Deepenreform and innovation, Plan new development in the“13th Five-Year Plan” period

JiaXingdong gave the work summary report titled DeepenReform and Innovation Promote Industry-Education Integration Scientifically Plan New Development in the “13th Five-Year Plan” Period atthe meeting. He systematically collated and reviewed the main administrative works and highlights of this semester from adjustment of leading group, further consolidation of school-running achievements, continuous deepening of educational and teachingreform, enhancement of scientific research service and ability,s teady improvement of social service level, development of teaching staff construction, achievements of international development and continuous optimization of comprehensive security system. He said, Shenzhen Polytechnic deeply implemented the spirit of the 6th plenary session of the 18th CPC National Congress and ideological and political work conferenceof colleges and universities, deepened reform and innovation,promoted industry-education integration, scientifically planned new development in the "13th Five-Year Plan period, comprehensively pushed forward development of variouscareers, finished work tasks of this semester well and laid a solid foundation for new breakthrough and improvement in the “13th Five-Year Plan” period.

JiaXingdong clearly pointed out that 2017 is the second year of 13th Five-Year Plan development and a key year of pushing forward comprehensive reform ofShenzhen Polytechnic. The key administrative work in 2017 mainlyincludes steadily promoting and implementing the development plan for “evth Five-YearFive-Year Plan” period and project of “ndproject of nning nd imp, accelerating reform of talent cultivation mode, strengtheninguniversity-enterprise cooperation and industry-education integration,deepening comprehensive reform of innovation and entrepreneurshipeducation, speeding up international development, strengtheningconstruction of teams of management personnel and teachers,accelerating reform of corporate governance structure and improvementof informatization level and so on. Shenzhen Polytechnic willcarefully implement the spirit of the third party congress, deepenreform and innovation, push forward industry-education integration,implement a series of important reform projects, accelerateconstruction of a world-class vocational college with Chinesecharacteristics, and strive to make new breakthroughs in key fieldsand links to welcome the 19th CPC National Congress with excellent performance.

Setstrategic objectives Build a world-class vocational college

Inhis report, Chen Qiuming mainly summarized and reviewed the works ofparty committee in this semester, including strengthening thepertinence and effectiveness of ideological and political works,carrying out learning and education of “learning party constitutionand rules, learning series speeches and being a qualified partymember” in an in-depth way, carefully checking and supplementingparty membership dues, creatively conducting “secretary project”,solidly carrying out targeted poverty alleviation, steadily promotingconstruction of the party conduct and of an honest and cleangovernment and strengthening construction of cadre teams.

Heparticularly interpreted the work report of the third party congressand elaborated the new thought of the party congress. He said, thework report was formulated after careful planning and extensivediscussion of the whole Shenzhen Polytechnic on the basis ofsoliciting opinions and suggestions from faculty and staff, gatheringthe wisdom and painstaking effort of faculty, students and staff.According to him, the strategic objective of “three services, fivepositioning and one leading” for future development, strategicdeployment of “three-step” development and seven strategicmeasures to be implemented were determined by the party congress outof need of the Polytechnic in face of five new situations, new tasksand status quo of international vocational education. He particularlypointed out that the standard for world-class vocational colleges wasfirst-rate majors, masters, technologies, students and brands.Therefore, Shenzhen Polytechnic should actively explore a new path ofvocational education reform and development, develop “Shenzhenquality” of vocational education, create “Shenzhen standard”for vocational education, and take the lead in establishing aframework system for world-class vocational colleges. He elaboratedthe specific tasks and measures of the Polytechnic in the future fromexploring modern university system, accelerating OBE talentcultivation mode reform, deepening reform of personnel system andscientific research mechanism, speeding up international development,expanding social service channels and strengthening school-runningguarantee system. He also emphasized that to build a world-classvocational college with Chinese characteristics, we must keepstrengthening leadership of the Party, adhere to morality educationand ideological guide, perform the responsibilities of partymanagement & governance and school-running, persist in managementof cadres and talents by the Party, and in school-running by law anddemocratic management, and build consensus to make concerted efforts.

Thework during winter vacation was deployed at the meeting. With theSpring Festival upcoming, Chen Qiuming and Jia Xingdong respectivelyextended greetings and blessings to the faculty and staff on behalfof the Polytechnic.

(ByInformation Publicity Department)