Shenzhen Polytechnic and ZTE Corporation Hold Strategic Cooperation Signing Ceremony

-- To MeetNew Requirements of “Belt and Road” Initiative Make aBreakthrough in University-Enterprise Cooperation

Thesigning ceremony was held in meeting room on the 4th floor of headquarters building of ZTE Corporation.

The cooperation makes a breakthrough in university-enterprise cooperation, makes due contributions to and assumes due social responsibilities for construction of a learning society, actively responds to the “Belt and Road” Initiative, outputs high-qualitycourse resources and school-running experience in first-ratevocational college to Asia, Africa, Latin America and otherunderdeveloped regions and countries, and realizes an all-winsituation,” said Zhang Renjun, senior vice president of ZTE Corporation, with pleasure at the strategic cooperation signing ceremony. On the afternoon of January 9, Shenzhen Polytechnic and ZTE Corporation held a strategic cooperation framework agreement signing ceremony in meeting room on the 4th floor of headquarters building of ZTE Corporation. Party secretary Chen Qiuming, president and deputy party secretary Jia Xingdong, vice president Ma Xiaoming and Li Yue of Shenzhen Polytechnic, Zhang Renjun, senior vice president of ZTE Corporation, Shi Ligong, president of ZTEICT, Dou Shuihua, vice president of ZTEICT, and relevant personnel attended the signing ceremony. Related persons incharge of office, Department of Human Resources, R&D Department, Student Affairs Department, International Office, Information Publicity Department, School of Computer Engineering, School of Telecommunications and School of Management of Shenzhen Polytechnic witnessed the moment.

Zhang Renjun and Chen Qiuming respectively delivered a speech at the signing ceremony. The parties said, they will carry out `s\vl VE`s\vl Vscipline construction, joint talent cultivation and course development, output of excellent professional courses andjoint building of double-qualified teaching staff by dint of their advantages to make a breakthrough in university-enterprise cooperation, and spare no effort to implement the comprehensive cooperation framework agreement.

Later, Jia Xingdong and Shi Ligong signed the cooperation agreement onbehalf of Shenzhen Polytechnic and ZTE Corporation respectively, and took a group photo to mark the occasion. They will establish strategic partnership through signing of the agreement, and integrate their high-quality resources to carry out in-depthindustry-university-research cooperation in discipline construction, talent cultivation, scientific research, technical development, certification training and international cooperation, jointly conductdiscipline construction in “computer software and hardware, networkcommunication, 4G/5G communication, micro-electronics, cloudcomputing, Internet of Things, virtual reality VR/AR/MR, electrical engineering” and other professional technologies as well as “smart education,smart health care, intelligent building, intelligent automobile,i ntelligent manufacturing, intelligent terminal” and other smartcity applications, construction of joint laboratory (practicaltraining) and collaborative innovation center, and jointly conduct scientific research and technical development in relevant fields, construction of certification training centers of related technologies and sharing of logistics and other resources.

It is worth mentioning that in order to adapt to demands of enterprisesand higher vocational colleges at home and abroad under the “Beltand Road” Initiative, and promote international development of education and enterprises, “integrating jointly developed trainingcourses to provide high-quality vocational education for countries along Belt and Road” Initiative and other new international elements are added to the cooperation on the basis of traditionalc ooperation in joint discipline construction, talent cultivation and scientific research. The parties will jointly build vocational education institutions in countries of Africa, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, etc. along Belt and Road Initiative, provide targeted teacher training in light of local market demands, or send senior teachers to teach in related countries to establish a transnational, cross-industry and transdisciplinary international talent cultivationand human resource allocation mechanism, develop an international human resource service platform, realize innovative development of industry-education integration, and promote construction of “Beltand Road” Initiative talent pool.

This coincides with the objectives of Shenzhen Polytechnic of accelerating international development, building high-level international school-running institutions, developing influential vocational education standards, etc. in work report of the third partycongress,” said Chen Qiuming. Shenzhen Polytechnic actively responded to the “Belt and Road” Initiative, cooperated with morecountries in a lot of attempts and practices to explore international talent cultivation, build international exchange platforms and provide talent support for construction of “Belt and Road”Initiative, and explored a new international talent cultivation mode of university-enterprise cooperation and industry-education integration.

In addition, the parties agreed to jointly build training room, collaborative innovation center and certification training center to become a model of training room, laboratory and certification training center to be popularized in similar higher vocational colleges nationwide.

Chen Qiuming, Jia Xingdong and their party visited the exhibition hall of ZTE Corporation accompanied by Shi Ligong and Dou Shuihua after the signing ceremony.

(Information Publicity Department, written by Li Nan, photo by Li Shizhuo)