Economy, Trade and Information Commission of Shenzhen Municipality Carries out Strategic Cooperation with Shenzhen Polytechnic

        -- Government-UniversityCooperation to Promote Industry Development

GuoLimin and Jia Xingdong signed the agreement on behalf of the parties

GuoLimin said in his address that the parties should give play to theiradvantages to provide intellectual support for development ofShenzhen small and medium-sized enterprises.

JiaXingdong said that Shenzhen Polytechnic will make full use of itsadvantages to serve local industry development

        Inthe afternoon of January 6, Economy, Trade and Information Commissionof Shenzhen Municipality and Shenzhen Polytechnic held strategiccooperation agreement signing ceremony in No. 109 meeting room ofMingde Building, Liuxiandong Campus. The cooperation tallied withrequirements for developing strategic emerging industries, buildingnew reform and opening-up platforms, etc. in the 13th Five-YearFive-Year Plan of Shenzhen as a new exploration ofcooperation between the government and colleges and universities inserving local industry development. Director Guo Limin, partysecretary Zhang Liren and deputy director Xu Zhibin of Economy, Tradeand Information Commission of Shenzhen Municipality as well as partysecretary Chen Qiuming, president and deputy party secretary JiaXingdong, deputy party secretary and secretary of DisciplineInspection Commission Yang Ping, vice president Tang Xiaoming, WenXidong, Ma Xiaoming, Dong Zhaojun and Li Yue, etc. of ShenzhenPolytechnic attended the ceremony. Persons in charge of Secretariat,Administrative Department, Planning Department, Technical Department,Electronic Information Department, Department of Emerging Industries,Department of Production Service Industry and InformatizationDepartment of Economy, Trade and Information Commission of ShenzhenMunicipality, and of functional departments and schools of ShenzhenPolytechnic witnessed the exciting moment. Wen Xidong presided overthe signing ceremony.

JiaXingdong and Guo Limin respectively made a speech at the signingceremony. They said that they will give play to their advantages toestablish various cooperation platforms by multiple channels andspare no effort to promote implementation of comprehensivecooperation framework agreement on the principle of “pragmaticcooperation, complementary advantages, two-way promotion andsynergetic development”. Jia Xingdong said, Shenzhen Polytechnicwill give full play to its advantages in teaching staff and research& development of applied technologies to push forward bettercombination of advantaged technologies, cultivation of skilledtalents, prospective study on management experience and productionpractice of Shenzhen, improve service quality of enterprises andaccelerate development of industries. According to Guo Limin, thesigning of strategic cooperation agreement with Shenzhen Polytechnicand actively carrying out government-university cooperation providedan important development opportunity. The parties should make fulluse of their advantages, cooperate closely and actively explore totruly implement the content of cooperation, make joint efforts toprovide talent and technical support for development of Shenzhensmall and medium-sized enterprises, and make contributions to localeconomic and industry development.

Inaccordance with the agreement, the parties will carry out in-depthcooperation in sharing of think tank resources, technical improvementof enterprises, talent cultivation support, combination of industry,university, research and application, cooperation in specialplanning, two-way exchange of cadres and sharing of informationachievements with specific projects as carriers.

Inrecent years, Shenzhen Polytechnic persisted in applied research andactively served local economic and social development. It jointlybuilt a group of technical platforms with Huawei, Cisco and otherwell-known companies. It built 28 scientific research platforms abovemunicipal level and 2 provincial platforms for cooperative talentcultivation. A group of authoritative institutions were settled inShenzhen Polytechnic, leading or participating in formulation of 37international, national and industrial standards. With constructionof post-doctoral innovative practice base approved, thecompetitiveness of the Polytechnic in scientific research topped thelist among higher vocational colleges nationwide.

Thecooperation with Economy, Trade and Information Commission ofShenzhen Municipality accorded with promotion of “Made in China2025” strategy and the development direction of the “13th Five-YearFive-Year Plan” plan of Shenzhen. To this end, ShenzhenPolytechnic will gather teaching staff, talents, research &development of applied technologies and other advantageous resourcesto provide consultation services in human resources, intelligence andinformation for the government, advanced concept and intellectualsupport for industry transformation and upgrading and technicaltransformation of enterprises, and guarantee of teaching staff forskill training, etc. in production, promote transformation of relatedresearch achievements, and vigorously serve local developmentstrategy and economic development of Shenzhen.

GuoLimin and his party visited the training room of School of Media andCommunication, School of Animation and School of Art and Design, andmaker center of School of Entrepreneurship accompanied by ChenQiuming and Jia Xingdong, and highly praised the works of teachersand students of the Polytechnic after the signing ceremony.

(Writtenby Li Nan, photo by Li Shizhuo, Propaganda Department, ShenzhenPolytechnic)