Chairman Chen Cheng-jen of Vocational Training Council and his Party Visit Shenzhen Polytechnic

Groupphoto of attendees

Theparties exchanged souvenirs

 Inthe morning of January 5, chairman Mr Chen Cheng-jen, executivedirector Ms Carrie Yau, deputy executive director Ms Qi Zhichun andsix other personnel of Vocational Training Council (VTC) visitedShenzhen Polytechnic. Party secretary Chen Qiuming and president JiaXingdong of the Polytechnic cordially met with the senior leaders ofVTC in No.101 meeting room of Mingde Building.

ChenQiuming first extended a warm welcome to the visit of ChenCheng-jen and his party, and then introduced the basic situation andthe strategic objective of “three services, five positioning andone leading” of the Polytechnic to the guests and shared the statusquo of innovative entrepreneurship in Shenzhen and importantcooperation and exchange projects with VTC since establishment of thePolytechnic. He hoped that the parties can go global hand in handwith the talks as a new start.

ChenCheng-jen first congratulated the new leading group of thePolytechnic on behalf of VTC. He fully affirmed the remarkableachievements of exchange and cooperation between the parties withjoint effort and persistence over the years. He mentioned that 2017is the 35th anniversary of VTC and the 20th anniversary of return of Hong Kong to China, and various activitieswill be held. He sincerely invited senior leaders of the Polytechnicto attend relevant activities in Hong Kong. Then Ms Carrie Yauintroduced the current overview and the future “eight-yearstrategic plan” of VTC by elaborate PPT.

LaterJia Xingdong discussed the possible forms of future cooperation andexchange with senior leaders of VTC. He hoped that the parties cancarry out cooperation and exchange in new energy development,environmental protection and medical care.

Theparties exchanged gifts and took group photos after the talks. Then ChenCheng-jen and his party visited the training room of School ofEntrepreneurship. The advanced and characteristic training room lefta deep impression on them. They said, Shenzhen Polytechnic is ahigher vocational college of high professional and internationallevel, and they hoped that relevant leaders, teachers and students ofthe Polytechnic can also visit Hong Kong for exchange.

ZhaoJizheng, director of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Affairs Office,deputy director Yang Congkun, Feng Xiaojun, dean of the School ofMechanical and Electrical Engineering, Wen Shouwen, dean of the Schoolof Entrepreneurship, and relevant personnel attended the talks andaccompanied VTC leaders during their visit.                                  

Establishedin 1982, VTC has 13 member institutions, including Technological andHigher Education Institute of Hong Kong, Hong Kong Design Institute,Youth College, Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education, Instituteof Business Consultation, Department of Student Affairs and Vocational Training Group of the Disabled, and more than 40 collegesand training centers. It cultivates about 250,000 students everyyear, including 50,000 full-time students. Shenzhen Polytechnicsigned letter of intent with VTC on September 23, 2004. Visitsbetween senior leaders and exchange between teachers and students ofboth parties have been frequent, continuously deepening anddeveloping their educational exchange and cooperation.