Shenzhen Polytechnic Ranked 1st in Approvals of Provincial Joint Discipline Construction Projects in Social Science in 2016

        --Achievementwas included in library of Guangdong social science for the firsttime

Good news came with a new year. 2016 joint discipline construction projects of Shenzhen Polytechnic in the “13th Five-YearFive-Year Plan” of Guangdong for philosophy and social science won 18 approvals, ranking first with Guangdong University ofFinance among 64 units that obtained approvals and reaching a record high since establishment.

The35 joint discipline construction projects declared by ShenzhenPolytechnic fell into 10 disciplines. 18 projects of 8 disciplines were approved, achieving an approval rate of 51.43%,which was 24% above the average provincial approval rate of 27.28%, exceeded the best record (14 approvals) of the year before last, andincreased by 50% from last year (12 approvals). Particularly,breakthrough was made in art and Marxist-Leninism social science withone project approved respectively, which was really rare.

In addition, the work Studyon Metonymy and Metaphor of Words and Actions – Based on ModernChinese Drama Corpus declared by professor Si Jianguo of the School of Applied Foreign Languages was included in 2016 Guangdong Library of Achievements in Philosophy and Social Science,obtaining the first of such subsidy for Shenzhen Polytechnic. It was learned that the works included in Guangdong Library of Achievements in Philosophy and Social Science must meet strict requirements, reach a good level in projects of national social science fund or Guangdong social science, pass repeated appraisal of authoritative experts, and “embody cutting-edge level in the research field with important theoretical significance and practical value in an innovative and pioneering way”. It also represents the level of philosophy and social science of Guangdong. Only 6 works were selected in Guangdong. Guangdong Planning Office of Philosophy and Social Science will organize publishing of the achievements. The work partly reflected the several decades of scientific research of Si Jianguo. Actually, he had finished 4 academic works in recent years, and it was recentlylearned that his monograph Contemporary Stylistics of Authentic Texts was newly published. In addition, he published several theses in authoritative foreign language periodicals ModernF oreign Languages and Journal of Foreign Languages, and his academic research in cognitive linguistics and stylistics hasattracted extensive attention and produced certain effect in the academic circle.

R&D Department extensively mobilized and strictly controlled during the declaration. It examined declaration of 56 projects from form to content and from special managers to department heads inlight of the limit of 35 approvals of Guangdong, and then organized expert review and fed back opinions on modification, which effectively improved quality of declaration, finished qualification examination well and laid a good foundation for approvals in various disciplines of the Polytechnic.

(Zheng Yan of R&D Department and Xiao Xiaojun of School of Applied Foreign Languages)