2017 New Year Address: A Blueprint, Time to Forge Ahead

by Partysecretary Chen Qiuming / President Jia Xingdong

      Spring has come and everything is fresh again, We extend our best wishes to teachers, students and staff, retired leaders and comrades, alumni and friends from all social circles that care and support development of Shenzhen Polytechnic on behalf of the leading group at this moment of ringing out the Old Year and ringing in the New Year!

2016 that is drawing to a close is an extraordinary year. The leadinggroup of Shenzhen Polytechnic was adjusted, the third party congresswas successfully held, and a new generation of party committee anddiscipline inspection commission leaders was elected in 2016. The“13th Five-YearFive-Year Plan” made a good start with variousundertakings smoothly implemented and good news pouring in. ShenzhenPolytechnic was rated as one of the first group of typical collegesand universities in innovative entrepreneurship and top 50 highervocational colleges in service contribution, and ranked first amonghigher vocational colleges nationwide in competitiveness in 2016.

Int he past 11 years since the second party congress, the Polytechnicadhered to “ceaseless reform and innovation”, and to guide of quality and connotation development, achieved outstanding results invarious undertakings, took the lead in many fields of China’s higher vocational education, won the first group of national modelhigher vocational colleges, national civilized unit, nationaladvanced unit of vocational education, national base of talentcultivation, innovation and entrepreneurship for colleges anduniversities and other honorary titles, and developed a well-known“mode of Shenzhen Polytechnic” in the industry.

Shenzhen Polytechnic people endured great hardships, forged ahead andcontinuously innovated educational and teaching concepts,school-running system and mechanism, and talent cultivation mode inthe 23 years since establishment. The Polytechnic has developed intoan “aircraft carrier” of China’s higher vocational educationfrom scratch and is hailed as a “banner” of China’s highervocational education.

We take this opportunity to express our high respects and heartfeltthanks to previous leading groups, leaders and comrades, alumniand friends from all social circles on behalf of the new leadinggroup!

The recent third party congress determined the strategicobjective of “three services, five positioning and one leading”,and “three-step”strategic concept for future development of the Polytechnic, and sevenstrategic measures to be implemented.The blueprint has been drawn, and it’s time to forge ahead. Let’sjointly shoulder the mission and responsibility of a generation ofShenzhen Polytechnic people, build firm confidence in victory,perform our duties, overcome difficulties and strive to developShenzhen Polytechnic into a world-class vocational college withChinese characteristics!

Wish Shenzhen Polytechnic a brighter future!

Wish you good health, a happy family and all the best in the new year!

Thank you