Representatives of Shenzhen Polytechnic Attend Forum and Conference of UNESCO-UNEVOC International Center

On October 14-16, 175 representatives from five continents and many international organizations attended the global forum entitled "Work and Life Skills Required after 2015" organized by the UNESCO-UNEVOC International Center ("UNESCO-UNEVOC") in UN Park in Bonn, Germany. On behalf of the Educational Scientific and Cultural Vocational Education Center of Shenzhen Polytechnic, Fan Dayue attended the Forum (in 2006, Shenzhen Polytechnic obtained the approval of establishing the Educational Scientific and Cultural Vocational Education Center).

The hot issues and current topics of the Forum included youth employment, green education, environment and climate change, as well as the application of computer information technology in education. During the conference, the development trends of vocational education after 2015 were analyzed and explained from difference perspectives by a number of international bodies including UNESCO, International Vocational Education and Training Association, OECD, United Nations Volunteers, World Federation of Trade Unions, WEO and World Skills Competition as well as Research Institute of Vocational Education in Germany and GZT in Germany. Many countries also shared their experiences and knowledge on these topics.

After the Forum, on October 17, UNESCO-UNEVOC International Center also held the network conference of UNESCO-UNEVOC Vocational Education Center. At the conference, delegates exchanged information and experiences on the work of the vocational education center. They discussed action plans in their respective regions in three areas: youth employment, green education and the application of computer information technology and on three levels including capacity building, knowledge generation and knowledge management. At the conference, UNESCO-UNEVOC International Center also released THE UNEVOC NETWORK Manual of Operating Procedures—final draft and explained the future reform and construction of the UNEVOC NETWORK.

For this conference, the Foreign Affairs Office also prepared publicity materials of, and using the platform of this conference, Shenzhen Polytechnic effectively publicized itself and became acquainted with many international friends. After Olga Oleynikova, President of International Vocational Education and Training Association, learned the teaching strengths and research achievements of Shenzhen Polytechnic, she hoped that Shenzhen Polytechnic could participate in more international cooperation and exchanges.