Three Guests from Huawei Malaysia Company Visit Shenzhen Polytechnic

On October 27, three guests from Huawei Malaysia Company visited Shenzhen Polytechnic. Vice President Yang Ruihui met the guests in No. 407 Meeting Room of Mingde Building at Liuxiandong Campus. Zhao Jizheng, director of the Foreign Affairs Office, Ma Xiaoming, Dean of the School of Telecommunications, and relevant staff attended the meeting.

As a partner for many years, Huawei Company has maintained an in-depth cooperation with Shenzhen Polytechnic. The international cooperation programs of Shenzhen Polytechnic in the area of Southeast Asia, especially the successful opening of the first overseas school program of Shenzhen Polytechnic - "Chinese Language and Culture Center of Shenzhen Polytechnic - Technological University of Malaysia", have been strongly supported by Huawei Malaysia Company. During this visiting, both parties had an in-depth exchange of views in respect of the emerging issues for the "Language and Culture Center" as well as specific programs to jointly train Malaysian students at Huawei Company and attract more Malaysian students to attend long and short- term study and training in Shenzhen Polytechnic. The guests also put forward that one of the floors of the Training Center of Huawei Malaysia Company located in Kuala Lumpur can be set aside as the training base of Shenzhen Polytechnic in Malaysia; Shenzhen Polytechnic will regularly send teachers to give lectures; it is hoped that Shenzhen Polytechnic will gradually establish a branch school on the basis of this.

Kuanpeng Lee, Director of the Department of Certified Solutions of Huawei Malaysia Company, said that, through this long-standing cooperation, Shenzhen Polytechnic has had a positive influence in Malaysia; Huawei Malaysia Company has always been willing to cooperate with Shenzhen Polytechnic; he hoped that both parties can continue to maintain a good cooperating relationship in the future, expand areas of cooperation and strive for win-win results.