President of F+U Group Visiting Shenzhen Polytechnic

At the company of Dr. Xiong Huojin, International Project Manager, Hans-Dieter Sauer, President of the F+U Group, visited Shenzhen Polytechnic. President Liu Hongyi received our guest warmly in the VIP Room of Mingde Building. Zhao Jicheng, Head of Foreign Affairs Office, Secretary Jia Xinhua of the School of Applied Foreign Languages Party Committee and Vice Dean Li Yanyu joined the meeting.

After extending his welcome to President Sauer, President Liu Hongyi pointed out that there had been continuous teacher-student exchanges in the past two years since the establishment of the partnership, and the F+U Group has become known and influential in China for its high level of vocational training and education. He hoped that the visit by President Sauer would further deepen cooperation. After introducing the strategic position of Shenzhen Municipal Government on the future development of Qianhai and our planning in Fenghuangshan Campus, he invited the F+U Group to establish China Collaborative Innovation Center of Vocational Education in Fenghuangshan Campus. To be jointly run, the Center would provide vocational education training and training of corporate trainers at different levels.

President Sauer responded that his visit was to further promote comprehensive cooperation and realize win-win. He introduced the F+U Group’s continuous efforts to expand kindergarten to postgraduate programs based on original vocation training, and emphasized their endeavors in advancing English lecturing over the years. The Group has trained over 10,000 foreign language trainees by far, more than any training institution in Europe does. Considering President Liu Hongyi’s planning idea of Fenghuangshan Campus feasible, he showed interest in the proposed partnership and revealed that he would study the materials regarding the new campus. He further suggested that the campus buildings should be distinctively and foresightedly designed in appearance and interior space based on the positioning of Fenghuangshan Campus. He finally expressed his desire to recommend a top German designer to be part of the architectural planning design of the said campus.

An agreement on providing teacher training for Chinese higher vocational schools was also reached. Preliminary courses were planned for April 2015 when the F+U Group would send experts to Shenzhen Polytechnic to be part of the execution of the program.

After the meeting, President Sauer visited the Media and Animation Training Room in the company of Zhao Jizheng.

President of F+U Group Visiting Shenzhen Polytechnic

Secretary of College Party Committee & President Liu Hongyi Receiving President Sauer