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A Guide to Foreign Teachers

Official Documents for New Recruitment

Documents Required

Before entering China:
1. A copy of personal passport.
2. Personal resume (including educational background and work experience).
3. A copy of highest academic degree or professional qualification certificate.
4. The contract(in both Chinese and English).

After entering China:
5. Eight passport-sized photos for the visa; Receipt of China Visa Photograph for Foreigners in Guangdong Province; Four colored photos (37mm high×25mm wide).
6. Medical Check Report from Shenzhen Port Hospital.
7. Photocopy of the Z visa and the latest entry stamped page.
8. Please note: the family members of foreign teachers should provide the same documents as 5,6. Spouses are required to provide marriage certificate. Children under the age of 18 should provide a birth certificate (children over the age of 18 are not to accompany family members).

Official Documents for Further Employment

1. Extension of Foreign Expert Certificate
2. Extension of Residence Permit
3. Register your Identification Book in the International Office at the beginning of every semester.

Campus Card

This card is issued by the Catering Section of the Polytechnic. A passport-sized photo is required. The card has three major uses:
a) Buy food and drinks in either the faculty or student dining halls.
b) Borrow books from the libraries.
c) Pay for services on the campuses. 

Employment Certificate for a Foreign Teacher

The Certificate is issued by the Polytechnic and provided to a new teacher shortly after his arrival. Two passport-sized photos are required. The Certificate has three major uses:
a) To identify that you are a teacher in Shenzhen Polytechnic.
b) To show the security guard when you are asked to show your identity.
c) To register in the International Office at the beginning of every semester.

Residence Permit

1. A foreign teacher should register with the Police Station within 24 hours after entering China.
2. Have an interview at the Public Security Bureau at the booked time.
3. Submit the required documents for the residence permit.
4. Obtain a residence permit issued by the Exit-Entry Administration Office, Shenzhen Public
Security Bureau. Note: The application must be sent there within 30 days after one enters China.

Foreign Expert Certificate

1. Shenzhen Polytechnic provides the “Work Permits for Foreign Experts in China” and the official “Invitation Letter” which are necessities for Z visa application.
2. The foreign teacher presents the original “Work Permit for Foreign Experts in China” and “Invitation Letter” (along with a valid passport) to apply directly for a Z visa at the nearest Chinese Embassy.
3. Shenzhen Polytechnic applies for the necessary Foreign Expert Certificate within 15 days after the on campus registration with the preliminary Z visa.

Comprehensive Health Insurance 

1. The insurance includes: 30 kinds of major diseases, hospitalization, accidental injuries, outpatient clinic, etc.
2. Foreign teachers who are aged 50 and over need to fill out the "VIP-Risk Mission Information Form”. Those who are aged 60 and over need to provide the results of a medical checkup taken within the past three months.
3. The total premium is 1680 yuan / person / year.