Campus Network

Internet is assessable in staff offices and classrooms for faculty and staff, in dormitories (ADSL), libraries (Multimedia Classroom on the East Campus Library (5th Floor), Electronic Reading Room on the West Campus Library and the OCT Campus) and the computing centers (Computing center in Information Building (1st ~ 6th Floor) on the East Campus, Computing centers in Teaching Building One (1st ~ 3rd Floor) and Teaching Building Two (3rd ~ 4th Floor) on the West Campus and the OCT Campus). Personal accounts are needed for logging on any off-campus websites. Please consult your class master or the foreign affairs office at 26731178 for applying for the accounts if you are a foreign teacher or student.

  Opening hours of the Multimedia Classroom the the East Campus Library:

        8: 00—22: 00 (Sunday to Friday)

        8: 00—17: 00 (Saturday)

  Opening hours of the Electronic Reading Room on the West Campus Library:

        14: 00—22: 00 (Sunday to Friday)

        14: 00—17: 00 (Saturday)

  Opening hours of the computing centers: 8: 00—21: 30 (Monday to Sunday)

        Library: http://www.lib.szpt.edu.cn/

        Computing center: http://www.jszx.szpt.edu.cn/