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    My Impression on Aijia

    Author :  Date : 2009-6-23 13:37:00

    The other day I met our senior schoolmate Huang Aijia who won the “Outlook Award” with her excellent performance.

    We all know that the CCTV “Outlook English” Talent Competition has been  being held for ten years. Actually, Aijia attended it by chance. Her teacher asked her to have a try, and she did and did it very well.

    Everybody might feel nervous when standing on the stage and facing so many different faces. So did she. She told me that she was very happy to go to Beijing, and if she had more chances, she would attend more such competitions. It is really a good way to improve her English.

    Finally, she told us that we can learn English everywhere. The last but the most important thing is that God helps those who help themselves. - By Huang Rui, our student correspondent

    My Impression on Aijia

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