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    Author :  Date : 2010-1-14 14:41:00


    The Education Technology & Information Center, formerly known as the Audiovisual Education Center, was established in 1995. Since May 1998, it had shared the same office with the Information Center and was thus called the Audiovisual & Information Center, which was officially renamed the Education Technology & Information Center in 2008. Currently, there are 21 permanent employees and 14 temporary technicians in the center, including 11 senior professionals.


    At present, the Education Technology & Information Center is a member unit of China Education and Research Network, vice president unit and vice-secretary-general unit of China Higher Education Technology Association, vice-secretary-general unit of Higher Education Technology Association of Southern China, Hong Kong and Macau, vice secretary-general unit of Audiovisual Education Committee of Guangdong Higher Education Association, the director unit of Information Network Committee of Guangdong Higher Education Association, the secretary-general unit of Guangdong Higher Vocational Education Technology Committee, standing vice-chairman & secretary-general unit of Guangdong Higher Vocational Education Technology Cooperation Group, director unit of Shenzhen Information Industry Association, and the Training Center of National Modern Education Technology.


    Education Technology & Information Center is responsible for the overall planning, construction and daily maintenance of the college’s education information system, including the campus network hardware system and the education technology facilities (such as campus network, multimedia teaching resource library, Audio-visual system for teaching, FM for teaching, satellite TV receiving system and the campus venue and meeting room acoustics and lighting system, etc.); development, management and maintenance of the campus comprehensive digital application system, etc; recording and filming of significant college events; the development and management of some campus application systems like the online office system; the construction and management of the college’s gateway website; the construction and application of large digital teaching resource library; construction and management of 15511 Project; ordinary audio-video projects construction and technical service; teachers’ training in education information technology, etc.


    Hard wares and equipments within the Education Technology & Information Center are as follows: campus computer network system, closed circuit TV system, FM radio system, satellite program receiving system, a number of HDCAM systems, digitalized campus software and hardware platform, server group for the 4 campuses computer network system, SAN network storage system, campus wired-telephone systemetc.


    Campus computer network system consists of more than 30,000 ends covering four campuses, with the internet connecting interface bandwidth of 500Mbps.With the effort of Education Technology & Information Center, nearly 300 multimedia classrooms and a campus card system with over 1,000 ends are built; the independently-developed online office system has been put into application, being a symbol system of the college’s e-government. With the training from our center, a large-scale website group for teaching is established; 380 teachers have their personal teaching websites; all the teachers in our college can use multimedia courseware; of all the teachers, 98% of them are capable of multimedia teaching.


    We provide a range of comprehensive guidance, assistance and service for the college’s quality courses. Currently, the college boasts of 49 national-level quality courses, 65 provincial-level quality courses. We have completed 12 share-based teaching resource libraries for 12 national-level quality majors required of our college as a National Pilot Higher Vocational College, with 120,000 recorded items reaching a capacity of 600GB, and which, has already passed the inspection by the Ministry of Education in 2009. Now, 500 web courses are under construction or are up to completion. We have established a three-layer digitalized resource system that consists of pan-resources, professional curriculum resources, and high-quality resources, with the total capacity of 9.3TB. All these resources are diversified and easy to use.


    Presently, we are building a large-scale integrated campus digital information platform, and set out to reform the network teaching of the whole college.


    The Education Technology & Information Center boasts of strong technical and research strengths thanks to a group of experts and technical backbones in computer network and education technology, who have achieved remarkable research results. The research results or awards achieved include: a key sub-project of the “Ninth Five-year Plan” in education study authorized by the Ministry of Education; a project of the New Century Online Course Development Project authorized by the Ministry of Education, which is taken the excellent rank by the Ministry of Education; a key sub-project of the “Tenth Five-year Plan” in education study authorized by the Ministry of Education; an industrial research project from the Science and Technology Department of Guangdong Province; a project of Guangdong Higher Education Association; a Second Prize of Outstanding Teaching Achievement in Higher Education of Guangdong Province; 8 projects of “Five-hundred” Project of the “Ninth Five-Year Plan” of Guangdong Department of Education; a Second Prize and two Third Prizes of Guangdong Provincial Department of Education; the Third Prize of Shenzhen Science and Technology Progress Award; the Second Prize of Shenzhen Education and Teaching Research Award; 5 projects of the “151” Project of the Education Department of Guangdong Province; one Second Prize, one Third Prize and one Advanced Unit Prize by Department of Education of Guangdong Province; 2 key projects of Shenzhen Educational Science “Eleventh Five-year Plan”; 3 technology development projects of Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Science and Information Technology; 1 key project of "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" of Shenzhen Municipal Education Society, 3 in-process philosophical and social science research projects of "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" of Guangdong province; 2 in-process educational research projects of the "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" of China Higher Education Research Institute; publication of more than 200 articles and 5 books.


    All the staff in Education Technology & Information Center is dedicated, united, full of love and diligent. Over the years, Education Technology & Information Center has been sticking to its ideals and faith to become the first-rate representative and practitioner of national higher education information technology. We will further our contribution to the college’s effort to enhance itself into a genuine “Aircraft Carriers” of Chinese vocational education and a world-class technology-based university.

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