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    News Report I - 1st American Week in SZPT

    Author :  Date : 2010-6-4 9:35:00


    Shenzhen Polytechnic is currently celebrating her 17th Anniversary and internationalization is one of the Polytechnic’s top priorities. Internationalization continues to shape the direction and further development of the Polytechnic. In the Symposium for the Internationalization held last year, the Polytechnic interpreted the concept of internationalization with rich connotations, such as cooperation and exchange with partner institutions of the same level around the world, learning the advanced concepts for instruction from each other, communication and idea exchange between teachers and students and even adopting internationalization elements in campus culture activities. With such a background, the Office of International Affairs, and Department of International Education decided to organize an “American Week” with all round support from the Office of Student Affairs and agreement of the six American exchange students from Illinois Central College. The time for the activities is from 26-29 April, 2010. And this event will be the first student culture exchange activity titled with a name of a foreign country. The aim is to establish a platform for both foreign and domestic students to communicate together, to learn from each other and to study each other so as to further mutual understanding among them.

    For this first American Week, there will be four activities (please see the following Timetable of the Activities). They are all suggested by the American students. In order to organize the activities successfully, the organizers have formed four groups of both American and Chinese students, each headed by an American student. They discuss the action plan and cooperate in making the preparation themselves. Some students from the Student Interest Clubs are involved in the preparatory work. All the student English reporters for the Polytechnic website development are also invited to follow the preparation and the activities. The organizers hope that the American Week may attract large number of students and to have them enjoy the cooperation results of the American and Chinese students, to experience the different ways of playing and acting of American students, to learn some elements of American culture and indicate Chinese students’ new ways of thinking, new ideas and so on. It is also hoped that the activities may arouse the interests of Chinese students in the USA, encourage them to communicate with Americans for a wider space of learning more. 

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