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    Competitiveness Board of Junior Colleges (Vocational College) Unveiled SZPT Ranked Top among 1335 Candidates

    Author :  Date : 2016-3-8 8:56:00

    Recently, the Research Center for China Science Evaluation and the China Center for Education Quality Evaluation of Wuhan University joined hands with to release the Evaluation Report of Chinese Universities and Majors in 2016. On the Competitiveness Board of Junior Colleges (Vocational College) in China of this report, Shenzhen Polytechnic ranks top among 1335 candidates.

    The Evaluation Report of Chinese Universities and Majors in 2016 renders a classified evaluation of the overall strength and development level of more than 2500 universities and colleges qualified for admission of common higher education (excluding military schools and those sited in Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan). It covers 945 general undergraduate institutes, 271 independent schools and 1335 vocational colleges, as well as 10 types, 12 disciplines, 92 major categories and 500 undergraduate majors. On this report, the largest and most eye-catching competition falls on junior(vocational) colleges. Through comprehensive ranking in terms of the teaching facilities, teaching methods and school reputation, Shenzhen Polytechnic ranks top among the 1335 candidates, up a level compared to last year.

    It’s known as the 13th release of evaluation on Chinese universities and majors in a row by RCCSE. Among all similar evaluations, it features a relatively systematic and comprehensive set of evaluation indexes, a rather scientific and advanced set of evaluation philosophies, a comparatively reasonable and prudent set of evaluation methods, and a rather accurate and authoritative set of evaluation results, thus widely recognized in the society.

    Competitiveness Board of Junior Colleges (Vocational College) in China 2016-2017 (Top 20)
    Rank School Name Rate Location Total Candidates:

    1 Shenzhen Polytechnic 5 star Guangdong 1335
    2 Zibo Vocational Institute 5 star Shandong 1335
    3 Tianjin Vocational Institute 5 star Tianjin 1335
    4 Guangzhou Panyu Polytechnic 5 star Guangdong 1335
    5 Changsha Social Work College 5 star Hunan 1335
    6 Wuxi Institute of Technology 5 star Jiangsu 1335
    7 Ningbo Polytechnic 5 star Zhejiang 1335
    8 Nanjing Vocational Institute of Industrial Technology 5 star Jiangsu 1335
    9 Shandong Institute of Commerce and Technology 5 star Shandong 1335
    10 Jiangsu Union Technical Institute 5 star Jiangsu 1335
    11 Beijing Polytechnic 5 star Beijing 1335
    12 Hunan Railway Professional Technology College 5 star Hunan 1335
    13 Liaoning Provincial College of Communications 5 star Liaoning 1335
    14 Chengdu Aeronautic Polytechnic 5 star Sichuan 1335
    15 Zhejiang Financial College 5 star Zhejiang 1335
    16 Jinhua Polytechnic 5 star Zhejiang 1335
    17 Shaanxi Polytechnic Institute 5 star Shaanxi 1335
    18 Shunde Polytechnic 5 star Guangdong 1335
    19 Yangling Vocational & Technical College 5 star Shaanxi 1335
    20 Sichuan Engineering Technical College 5 star Sichuan 1335


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