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    Liu Hongyi led a delegation to attend and spoke at the "Culture Education" high-end forum of vocational colleges nationwide

    Author :  Date : 2016-1-13 16:19:00

    "Culture Education" High-end Forum Opens up New Realm for Cause of Culture Education

    Professor Liu Hongyi, Secretary of the Party Committee and president of Shenzhen Polytechnic attended and spoke at the forum.

    Liu Hongyi passed the flag of the forum to the leader of Ji'an College, the hosting party.

    From December 17 to 18, the fifth "Culture Education" high-end forum of nationwide vocational colleges was held in Kunming, hosted by the Vocational College Cultural Quality Education Guidance Committee of the Ministry of Education (hereinafter referred to as "Guidance Committee") and National Vocational College Cultural Quality Education Collaboration Union (hereinafter referred to as "Collaboration Union"), organized by Kunming Metallurgy College and Yunnan Technology and Business College and co-organized by Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press and Shanghai Lantop Education Information Technology Co., Ltd. More than 200 people, including representatives from 74 vocational colleges, enterprises and media from around China attended the event and submitted more than 120 academic papers. Professor Liu Hongyi, a director member of the Guidance Committee, the president of Shenzhen Polytechnic and secretary of the party committee attended the forum and gave a splendid speech and summary on behalf of the hosting party respectively at the opening and closing ceremonies. The forum was also attended by leaders and teachers from the Ministry of Publicity (Culture Education Office), faculty of humanities and Shenzhen Branch of National Research Institute of Vocational Education.

    The forum was themed as "Cultural Inheritance and Innovation Practice". The event consisted of three parts, namely, expert reports, multi-parties discussion and exchange and sharing, with diversified forms and rich contents. The experts and representatives attending the event carried out researches, exploration and exchange around the contents such as excellent Chinese traditional culture and core values of socialism, vocational talents cultivation under the philosophy of "establishing virtues and cultivating talents", vocational building of innovation and entrepreneurial culture, Internet+ times of cultural quality education and special manufacture culture of China and vocational cultural quality education.

    The forum has attracted high attention from related departments such as Vocational Education and Adult Education Department of the Ministry of Education. Ge Weiwei, a deputy inspector of the aforesaid department spoke on the event and fully recognized the achievements made by Shenzhen Polytechnic in the area of culture education in recent years, highly praised the outstanding contributions of the Guidance Committee in promoting the culture education of vocational colleges and raised three wishes in this respect: Firstly, attach a high importance to culture education and fulfill the task of establish virtues and cultivating talents; Secondly, keep perfecting culture education and influencing talents with culture; Thirdly, deepen the practice and cultivate talents and emphasize on practice and persistence. Yao Yong, deputy inspector of the Education Department of Yunnan Province, attended the forum. The forum invited Professor Li Yanbao, a member of National Education Consultancy Commission, an adviser of the Institution of Higher Learning Cultural Quality Education Guidance Committee of the Ministry of Education and former secretary of party committee of Sun Yat-Sen University gave a special report with the title of Reflection over the Connotation and Realistic Significance of University Culture Construction; Zhang Lianxu, president of Guangzhou Panyu Polytechnic, Wang Zi, president of Kunming Metallurgy College, Li Shujing, director of education branch of Foreign Teaching and Research Press, Tang Jianming, general manager of Shanghai Lantop Education Information Technology Co., Ltd., Liang Guosheng, deputy director of the Ministry of Education Science of China Youth News, chief editor of the vocational education volume, secretary general of joint council of publicity directors of National Polytechnics and other representatives from colleges, enterprises and media; some representatives of colleges exchanged and shared their practical experience and results of cultural quality education.

    During the forum, Liu Hongyi chaired the fourth plenary session of the Guidance Committee, introduced the major work achievements of the Guidance Committee in 2015 and preparation details of the fifth "Culture Education" high-end forum of nationwide polytechnics.

    On the opening ceremony, Liu Hongyi introduced the work progress of the Guidance Committee and Collaboration Union over the past year and introduced the organization and application of the Vocational College Cultural Education Base and the Vocational College Innovation and Entrepreneurial Base. On the closing ceremony, Liu Hongyi gave a summary speech. He pointed out the achievements and shortages of the forum and deployed the main work of the Guidance Committee in the next stage. He said, in the next stage, the Guidance Committee will do well in guidance work for the building of the first batch of 22 National Vocational College Cultural Quality Education Bases and 12 National Vocational College Innovation and Entrepreneurial Bases, fulfill the application work of programs in the 13th Five Year Plan, do well in the new term election of the Guidance Committee and Collaboration Union, organize the second application and appraisal event of national vocational college cultural quality education and teaching fruits, continue to run the journal of Culture Education, the Work Brief of the Guidance Committee and actively finish each work and task issued by the Ministry of Education. Finally, Liu Hongyi declared that the next "Culture Education" high-end forum will be held at Ji'an Polytechnic and chaired the ceremony of passing the flag of the Guidance Committee.

    The forum was held when the "13th Five Year Plan" was launched. The attending representatives summed up the past five years of the high-end forum, shared the experience in culture education, made a deep exploration in the innovation path of cultural quality education, jointly opened up a new situation for the cause of culture education, which was of very important guiding significance for polytechnics nationwide to practice the core values of socialism and promote the talent cultivation quality.

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