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    Tang Xiaoming Led Delegation to Visit Australia and New Zealand

    Author :  Date : 2016-1-13 16:13:00

    Vice President Tang Xiaoming exchanged a letter of intent for cooperation with the supervisor of the international education department of University of Canberra.

    The delegation led by Tang Xiaoming visited the trophies of skill competitions won by students of the cuisine major of Northern Sydney Institute of TAFE.

    Invited by University of Canberra, Northern Sydney Institute of TAFE and Otago Polytechnic of New Zealand, from November 29 to December 6, Tang Xiaoming, vice president of Shenzhen Polytechnic led a delegation consisting of Li Zhuomei, the director of organization and HR office, Dong Zhurong, deputy dean of Auto and Traffic School, Hu Tinghua, deputy dean of Economy School and Yang Yongquan of the foreign affairs office to make a working visit to the three universities and colleges. During their visit, Tang Xiaoming signed a letter of intent for cooperation with University of Canberra and Otago Polytechnic of New Zealand on behalf of Shenzhen Polytechnic and discussed some important issues in the international business major management co-run by both sides with Northern Sydney Institute of TAFE, discussed the possibility of cooperation in the areas of new energy auto major and faculty training and visited the key training rooms of the three universities, and made a lot of achievements.

    On the afternoon of November 30, the delegation led by Tang Xiaoming made a visit to University of Canberra. Madame Glenys London, director of international education department of University of Canberra, and Lan Drayton, director of art design department warm-heartedly received the delegation. Tang Xiaoming introduced the cooperation model between Shenzhen Polytechnic and Federation University Australia and Northern Sydney Institute of TAFE. Both sides explored the feasibility of co-running art design and new energy auto majors and exchanges of teachers based on the existing model. After the discussion, Tang Xiaoming signed a letter of intent for cooperation between Shenzhen Polytechnic and University of Canberra on behalf of the school. The delegation also visited the faculty training center and student creator center of University of Canberra. All members of the delegation were refreshed by the open school running, the internationalization of students, comprehensive and composite objectives of talents cultivation of University of Canberra.

    On the afternoon of December 1, the delegation visited Northern Sydney Institute of TAFE. The school had begun to cooperate in international business major with Shenzhen Polytechnic since 2006. Both sides maintained a frequent interaction and leaders of both sides had made several mutual visits. Alison Wood, the president of the Institute received the delegation in person. Both sides recalled the pleasant memories of cooperation in the past and made a deep communication on some key issues in the operation management of co-run international business major. Both sides also explored the cooperation in faculty training and research and development of new energy auto. The delegation had also visited the cuisine lab, red wine college and horticultural training base which are equipped with complete equipment. The delegation was deeply impressed by the efficiency of skill training, the awareness of closely serving the demand of communities for talents and the brilliant achievements made by students in the international skill contests.

    On the morning of December 3, the delegation visited Otago Polytechnic of New Zealand. The English name of the school was similar to ours, which cultivated students of undergraduate and post-graduate programs. Professor Tom Qi of Otago Polytechnic was invited as a Pengcheng Scholar of the Auto and Traffic School of Shenzhen Polytechnic in 2012. The four-wheel independent steering and independent driving electric car developed by both sides is still displayed in the auto lab of Otago Polytechnic. President and two vice presidents of Otago Polytechnic grandly received the delegation led by Tang Xiaoming. The opening ceremony of the talk was chaired by the leader of local Maori, which displayed strong characteristics of Maori people. In the following talk, the counterpart showed keen interest in the cooperation in co-running majors by Shenzhen Polytechnic and foreign institutions of higher learning and the cultivation of applied technicians by adopting a model of 3+1 and made a deep discussion in the cooperation prospect. The direct co-running a major of engineering and art design was still a gap for Shenzhen Polytechnic and foreign colleges. Otago Polytechnic is very strong in these majors, with a low cultivation cost, which is predicted to be a good partner for our further expansion of international cooperation. After the talk, the delegation visited the architecture studio of Otago Polytechnic, electromechanical lab and auto lab. The delegation was deeply impressed by the professional, systematic features and high utilization rate of these labs.

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