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    President Liu Hongyi Attended and Spoke at 4th Micro Forum of Presidents of China's Vocational Education Colleges

    Author :  Date : 2016-1-13 16:11:00

    From December 21 to 23, the 4th Micro Forum of Presidents of China's Vocational Colleges sponsored by Guangming Daily was held at Yingkou, Liaoning. The forum was attended by Zhu Zhenguo, deputy director of the education department of Guangming Daily, Lian Yuchun, the chief editor of education edition, presidents of five member units including Shenzhen Polytechnic, Jinhua Polytechnic, Shaanxi Polytechnic Institute, Tianjin Vocational Institute, Liaoning Agricultural College.

    On the forum, Liu Hongyi gave a speech on the supplier side reform and profession optimization of education. He pointed out, the Ministry of Education had closely corresponded to the changes of industrial chains and talent supply-demand chain. In October 2015, the Ministry of Education printed and issued the Administration Measures on Setting of Majors for Senior Vocational Education (Junior College) of Common Institutions of Higher Learning and the Catalogue of Majors (2015) for Senior Vocational Education (Junior College) of Common Institutions of Higher Learning, which made an important reform to the areas such as structure of majors, division of majors and setting of majors, of very important significance for the supplier-side reform of vocational education and strengthening the pertinence and suitability of talents cultivation. Vocational colleges shall enhance the major construction and reform efforts and fully enhance the supply quality of talents cultivation in accordance with the new Measures and Catalogue. Firstly, adjust the setting of majors and correspond with the requirements of industries and sectors; secondly, optimize the structure of majors and get adapted to the needs of industrial update and emerging vocations; thirdly, break through the barriers of majors and cultivate composite talents specialized in one area and mastering multiple skills; fourthly, reform the setting mechanism of majors and construct an open and dynamic major setting system; fifthly, coordinate the demand end and supplier side and achieve a benign interaction.

    The attending presidents and representatives agreed that it was of important significance for the development of vocational education to deepen the reform of vocational education and teaching, explore the system and mechanism for culture education, industry-education integration and collaborative talent cultivation and fully enhancing the talent cultivation quality. Vocational education must be closely linked with the trend and requirements of national economic development, step up the efforts to promote the supplier-side reform of vocational education talent cultivation and provide suitable and outstanding human resources for the national economic development.

    The Micro Forum aims to make a deep exploration into the difficult and hot issues of vocational education, promote the experience exchange between vocational colleges, promote the school-running quality of vocational institutions, and promote the healthy development of vocational education. The forum was organized by Liaoning Agricultural College and co-organized by Zhejiang Center for Vocational Education.

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