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    Students from School of Computing won 9 Prizes in Guangdong Provincial University Computer Design Competition

    Author :  Date : 2016-1-13 16:09:00

    Recently, the final of 2015 Guangdong Provincial University Computer Design Competition was hosted in South China Normal University, 9 teams guided by teachers Wang Shan and Zhou Xiaohong from Shenzhen Polytechnic’s School of Computing won 9 prizes, including 2 first prizes, 6 second prizes and 1 third prizes. Miss Wang Shan from the Basic Teaching Department made outstanding contributions for guiding 5 teams of students who got 1 first prize and 4 second prizes.

    There were 60 universities in total and nearly 500 teams were competing and 132 pieces of work were qualified for the final. Mr. Du (a member from the competition committee) introduced that the competition was held in Guangdong Province for the first time, aiming at cultivating the university students’ computer skills. He also said that the competition had a wide coverage and would welcome everyone, and it not only provided a broad innovation platform for the university students but also provided new ideas for basic computer teaching for universities in Guangdong Province.

    The competition had a wide coverage that included 8 categories: software application and development, curriculum making, digital media design, micro film about excellent ancient Chinese traditional culture, Chinese national culture elements, creative design of cartoon games, software service outsourcing and computer music creation, and each category had sub-categories which would welcome all computing majors and amateurs. Participants might form teams according to their individual interests.

    One of the competition’s highlights was that the theme got close to the public, for example, the category “digital media design” decided by the sponsor was related to “air”, hoping the participants would pay attention to environment, air pollution and other practical problems by caring the things in daily life as well as apply their think thoughts into the computer operation. Besides, themes about national culture were highly valued, such as spreading the essence of traditional Chinese culture through micro films, making graphics of modern elements through computers and displaying various traditional elements through animation. This kind of works really impressed the audience.

    The leaders of School of Computing greatly supported the students and the instructors made great contribution, so the students fully showed Shenzhen Polytechnic’s excellence during the competition. Liu Rongye Team from 2013 Grade Computer Science Class 2 was particularly outstanding, and the speech got great applause and highest speech marks.

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