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More about Shenzhen Polytechnic

Being nominated as one of the National Exemplary Polytechnics in China, Shenzhen Polytechnic (SZPT) feels gratified with all successes having achieved in the three years’ construction campaign initiated by the Central Government. By now, SZPT has been in a highlighted position and has become a leading higher education institution among 2295 colleges and universities, especially among 1207 polytechnics in the mainland China. The following are the main data and information of SZPT in the construction for readers to share.

1. Objectives and Achievement of the Exemplary Polytechnic Construction

SZPT set its objectives for the construction as the following: upgrade the standards for nurturing professionals with high quality and proficient skills, enhance the relationship with local enterprises to promote cooperative education for students. And it has roughly established, for its school operation, a mechanism of 4 bodies associate closely and 4 fields promote together, i.e. close linkage of government, the polytechnic, enterprises and guilds and overall promotion in production, talent nurturing, innovation and application. As a result, it has formed its vivid characteristics of higher TVET and significantly improved its quality of professionals nurturing.”

2. Summary comment from the Expert Team for State Exemplary Polytechnic Construction Assessment

Shenzhen Polytechnic “has successfully transformed from scale and speed development to scientific, characteristic and internal connotative development in aspects of teaching reform and faculty team construction”. Strictly complying with all requirements of the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Finance for the State Exemplary Polytechnic Construction, and adopting scientific concepts for development, SZPT has achieved all expected goals according to the “Construction Plan” and “Task Description”. By now, the school’s education quality, efficiency of administration and its reputation have improved significantly. Regarding the specialty construction as key, the Polytechnic has accomplished all goals and achieved obvious results in curriculum system construction, faculty team development, and improvement of training lab conditions.

3. Seven Tops of SZPT in China

The largest national financial awards: SZPT has got a lump-sum exemplary polytechnic award of RMB 5 million yuan from the China Central Government, which is the largest sum nationally. In addition, it has also been awarded with RMB 45 million yuan from the Central Government for classic course development, which also ranks number 1 among the first batch of polytechnics for the Exemplary Polytechnic Construction.
1st in National-level Key Exemplary Specialty development: 10 specialties of SZPT have been nominated as the National-level Key Exemplary Specialties, which ranks the first among all polytechnics in China.
The most plentiful course construction achievements: In 3 years time, SZPT has 35 of its courses titled as national classic courses, 43 as provincial ones, and 166 as college-level ones. Together with these, 220 have been constructed as network courses opened up to the students.. Up to now, SZPT has totally 49 national classic courses, which is leading in the similar colleges all over China and even ranks in the front among all higher
utions. 􀁺 The most amount of high quality textbooks: SZPT has compiled and published 161 textbooks, 8 of which have been selected as the high quality textbooks by the Ministry of Education. This achievement is on the
The highest level of faculty team: SZPT has 116 professors and over 60% of its faculty has titles of associate professors or above. This ranks the first in all higher TVET institutions in China.
The richest E-resource banks: SZPT has completed construction of e-resource banks for 12 key specialties and 77 specialty clusters. The banks are composed of general resource, specialty resource and classic course resource banks and have formed a three level system with over 8.7TB digit teaching resources. This achievement is 6.2TB more than the expected goal and the present system is richest in content compared with other polytechnics and has achieved the advanced international standard.
Most awards of National Teaching Achievement: SZPT has won 4 awards in the 6th National Awarding of Teaching Achievement (2009) with its “Integrated Reform of Higher TVET Course Development Based on the Theory of Work Integrated Learning” etc., which amount the largest in all higher TVET institutions.

4. The sole Honor:

SZPT was titled the honor of a National Civilization Unit in January, 2009, which is the sole honor won in all higher TVET institutions in Guangdong province and also in whole educational system of Shenzhen.

5. Professional nurturing achieved remarkable success

Over the past three years, SZPT has nurtured 16104 qualified graduates; the average employment rate of whom is 98%. And the Polytechnic was titled in 2009 as one of the nationwide advanced institution for graduate employment. In addition, 869 of its students/times have won awards in international and national level competitions; another 686 students/times won awards in municipal level competitions. The number of students who obtained CCIE certificates (the world's highest Internet certificates) has reached 135. Another 31 students have passed the Oracle Corporation DCP Exams (Database Certified Professional). All these figures are the highest in higher education institutions all over China.

6. Others

SZPT has 74 specialties closely linked to pillar industries in Shenzhen, such as high-tech, logistics, finance, culture and so on.
The Polytechnic has constructed 35 training workshops with 178 labs, which are facilitated with equipment valuing to RMB 526 million yuan. It also has established cooperative relationship with 1851 enterprises, set up 1125 off-campus practice bases for students. Nearly 2,000 front-line technical backbones are directly involved in the entire process of the school’s professional cultivation in its specialty management committees and other ways.
􀁺 The total amount of SZPT’s scientific research work is in the forefront among the similar institutions nationally and all higher education institutions in the province. The number of its registered invention patents ranks No. 6 among colleges and universities in Guangdong. Its National Social Science Fund project on "Study of Model for Product Quality Supervision and Control in Circulation Area after the Functions Adjustment" is honored as an outstanding research project nationally, which is an important breakthrough among the similar institutions in the country.
It has had another 20 polytechnics and 33 secondary vocational schools over China as its counterpart supporting institutions, provided training to 1983 teachers annually and cooperative nurturing of 1603 students totally in the 3 years. These are the tremendous contributions to the harmonious development of higher TVET provincially and nationally.
Theoretical study of SZPT in higher TVET guides the national practice and reform: Achievements of SZPT in educational theory study and reform practice have been attracting much attention. Its published "Compiled Standards for Professional Specialty Education" and "Compiled Cases of Work Integrated Education" have become important referential materials for other domestic higher TVET institutions to carry out their instruction reforms. Its monographs of "A Study of China Higher TVET Reform and Development", "Research on Effectiveness of College Students’ Daily Ideological and Political Education" and etc. have filled the blanks of domestic relevant fields. A series of its theoretical articles published in highest standard magazines, such as "Higher Education in China", and "Higher Engineering Education Research”, have discussed hot and difficult points in current higher TVET reforms, which exert positive effects for higher TVET reforms.

7. Objectives for the post Exemplary Phase

Firstly, SZPT will up hold the banner of educational reform continuously to create a brand of China Higher TVET, take the lead to construct a modern higher TVET System. Besides, it will try to realize “Four Exemplars”, i.e. exemplar for operation mechanism, for connotation development, for unique feature innovation and for higher TVET construction with Chinese characteristics. The purpose is to further meet the development of local economy, satisfy people’s needs of education and lead the reform and development of China Higher TVET reforms and development.
Secondly, SZPT will push forward insistently the construction of a world top level polytechnic. For this target, SZPT will adjust its perspectives and understanding of higher TVET in a higher horizon, adopt advanced educational thoughts and conceptions of other first class universities in the world. Furthermore, it will clarify accordingly the conceptions and historic mission for running the school based on social, economic, science and technology development tendency of Shenzhen. It will upgrade its key fields for the development and target for a transition from nurturing general vocational talents to cultivating high level professional elite.
Thirdly, SZPT will make contributions as usual to the establishment of National Exemplary Region for Comprehensive Educational Reform. SZPT never shirks responsibility in promoting Shenzhen’s TVET development, confidentially nor at this new historic start point. It will correspond tightly to Shenzhen economic structure and industry characteristics, strengthen its supplying ability of high level professional talents for the local long-rang development.

8. Measures for the post exemplary phase

“Four reforms”. They consist of: 1) the instruction reform focusing on high level talents cultivation, 2) the academic research mode reform in higher TVET institutions characterized with application research and technical service, 3) personnel management reform focusing on personnel management and team construction and 4) logistic reform featured for public benefits, marketization, specialization and intensivism.
“Two innovations”. They are 1) mode innovation for social service by higher TVET institutions and 2) student management mode innovation for overall cultivation and student self-management.
“Four projects”. They are composed of: 1) management project mainly for constructing higher TVET system with Chinese characteristics, 2) internationalization project for matching the requirements of constructing Shenzhen as an internationalized metropolitan, and those of the export-oriented industries in the Pearl River Delta, 3) college culture project for core value condensation and harmonious campus atmosphere, 4) fundamental supporting project for the first class of fundamental construction and facilities.
(Note: all the data in the material are by January, '10)