Before I went to college, I drew a blueprint. For example, winning a scholarship and developing a large social network. However, it is the third semester and I have accomplished nothing.

I cannot think of a single thing I have gained. I used to love learning foreign languages, but I have even fallen out of love with my major, German.

I still go to the library frequently. I borrow books, not only about Germany but also novels from the authors I like, such as Haruki Murakami. When I was a junior student, I read “Norwegian Wood” in a politics and society lesson with exceptional caution to prevent being caught by the teacher.

I also attended the students’ union, but I did not persist with it. I quit at the end of last term. Consequently, I could not broaden my social network.

Of course, in college, I have more freedom and time. They say college students should play hard instead of working hard. I cannot agree with that, because I want to take responsibility for myself and I want a better future.

This is my brief story, about a college student struggling with herself and the common college atmosphere. I hope I can overcome the temptation to be lazy.

(By Wang Xue, Shenzhen Polytechnic)

Source: Shenzhen Daily