Familial love has been with me all my life. This natural, selfless affection has nurtured my character.

One particularly significant moment was when I was in primary school.

In order to prepare for a speech contest, my teacher asked me to do intensive training after school. I was almost the last one to leave the school every day.

Nevertheless, no matter how late I was, my dad was always waiting at the school gate to pick me up. One rainy afternoon, I decided to wait until the rain stopped before leaving.

To my surprise, when I went out of the school gate, I saw my dad in the corridor without an umbrella. His hair, clothes and shoes were all wet. When he saw me, he just said simply: “Let’s go home.” At this moment, I felt tears in my eyes.

No matter when or where I am, familial love will always be with me.

Family affection is a pillar that supports me when I think of giving up. No gift is more precious.

(BY Chen Jianci, Shenzhen Polytechnic)

Source: Shenzhen Daily