We visited Illinois State University (ISU), the first state owned university in Illinois founded in 1857.

Upon our arrival, we immediately saw a giant building which serves at the ISU’s library. According to the librarian, ISU library is the biggest library in Illinois.

After the library, we went to the student center building which is used for various students’ activities. Inside, we saw flags from different countries hanging from the ceiling. We took our picture by the flags, pretending that we were representatives of the United Nations. It was fun!

From the student center, we proceeded to the administration building for our orientation. On the road to the administration building, I could see there are lots of ivy trees covering at least half of the administration building. Half of the building is green, while the other half is quite modern, making the administration building very special.

The buildings on the campus are very amazing. Our lovely tour guide Adele said to me that there are over 50 buildings on the campus, each with their own distinctive style. One of the special buildings is the music school building. It looks like a castle. According to Adele, it was built in the early 1900s.

Visiting the business administration building, we noticed it is quite new. Our tour guide said it was built in 2005 and is in fact the newest building on the campus. All in all, we got both a historical and modern feeling out of ISU. I felt that it would be nice to study in ISU. I just loved their beautiful campus!

Aside from the buildings and facilities, we also noticed the students in ISU. Many of them wear T-shirts with the ISU red bird logo as they did various activities. On Fridays, ISU’s famous football team play against teams from other universities. At this time, the campus becomes full of “red birds” as the students show their support to the school’s football team. They say that the red bird is the soul of ISU and brings them good luck.

Aside from football, ISU has sports teams such as baseball, basketball and volleyball. ISU also has a lot of club or organizations. We saw different clubs with their booth set up outside the student activity center or in different areas around the campus.

ISU is the first state university that we have ever visited. We were impressed by its size, beauty and most important, their academic excellence. I think ISU is an ideal place for students to pursue their dreams. No wonder it is one of the best public universities in the United States.


About the Author

Ben He is one of nine exchange students from SZPT currently studying in Illinois Central College. He is studying English and other courses in ICC and along with his fellow SZPT students will return to SZPT in January, 2011.

Ben He