For me, the chance to study in a big logistic enterprise is of great value. What we learn in university is never enough, so some real-life practice is needed. The logistic company has a system to guarantee its running;`s\vl VE`s\vl Vdepartment, the customer-department, the route-department, the overseas-department and some special departments like the tank and truck department.

The first day we had a talk with the document department and customer department manager Winny. She introduced the basics of the enterprise. At the same time, she happened to have a job interview, so we asked her some questions about this term. We learned that Winny judged a person on two points, their awareness of the work, and their thought and enthusiasm towards work..

The second day I was under the instruction of Olivia, a document-department officer. After talking several minutes, I was suddenly aware my ignorance. I had problems understanding what she was talking about. Her language was filled with logistic terms and English abbreviations. However, I came across this problem after two days .What had I learned? On one hand, I learned how to write express, how to use fax and copier, what we can do if an order comes. As well as making clear what s/o, debit notes, house bills and so on are. On other hand, I thought that as a good officer, I should master English well and be good at dealing with documents. Although day by day, document-department officers do the same thing with the computer system and documents, they made the most of them and prepared for different kinds of unexpected problems at any time. I think this job fits someone who is patient and careful.

During these days, I could observe the daily work-life everyone has in the office. They are busy, even enjoying their job .Only at this time did I believe that I can do this job and like it, without worrying about how difficult the job is.

The fourth day, I turned to the route-department. We were directed by Devin, was a young man who showed great capacity for work. He introduced us to the ports in Africa, South America, and India using Google Earth. It surprised me that Devin could easily point out where the port is .What’s more, he could also spell the ports’ name even though they are difficult to spell, the names are long and similar to each other.

Joey is another director of the route-department. She used to study in Shenzhen Polytechnic. We talked like old schoolmates about our feelings towards choosing logistics enterprise and some living issues.

The last day, the customer department director introduced his whole department and their relations with other departments. From her words, we could see that being a business seller is a hard job, especially for a girl. Ken is a big enthusiastic guy. He analysed the different sizes and uses of containers, as well as the container export-process and details. Ken hoped that we could make the most of all that we learned and not leave it aside.

Above all, I’m no longer mixed-up about my Major, moreover my future. I am determined to study well and to have great attitude.

(by our student correspondent)