The year of 2011 is getting closer and closer. We need to take action from now on to prepare for the games. What we need to do most is to work on our disadvantages and shortcomings. As a mere university-student, I can’t transform our city into a more beautiful place on my own, but I can help Shenzhen in small ways.

Take the environment for example, the atmosphere around Shenzhen is quite depressing. Factories and cars keep giving off exhausts into the air, the sky is not what it used to be. But to our delight, the government has passed some laws to protect the air, and we can do something useful, too. For example, try to ride the bike or take the buses and subways instead of taxis.

Another thing we need to work on is our English skills. Teachers and parents often put great emphasis on our English skills in listening and speaking. In order to become a volunteer in 2011, I now,  must do something to improve my spoken English. Rome isn’t built in a day, nor is English. There are no shortcuts to improve your spoken English; the most productive way is to grab all opportunities around you to open your mouth. I will keep participating in English activities to polish up my English. I’m sure by the year of 2011, I will be able to master English as well as my mother tongue.

In a word, I’m sure that World Universiade 2011, Shenzhen, will be one of the most successful Games in history. I believe our long-cherished dream will be fulfilled in a perfect way! (by our student correspondent)