Other Important Information

Class question:

Q1. When is the class time?

A1. Week1-18,in total 18weeks, and week18 is test week.

Q2. Where is the classroom?

A2. 学思楼(Teaching building 1)&德业楼(Teaching building 2)&Northern campus.

Q3. How can I ask for leaving?

A3. Text or call to Martin about asking for leaving

and after Tutor agrees, go and find him for sign a written request for leave.

Q4. If I absent from the class too much times, what should I do?

A4. Give you a warning from student's tutor

If you absent from class achieve or more than 40%, we cancel the qualifications of Exam and you need to restudy it next term.

Q5. When is the class time?

A5. From Monday to Friday, the morning class stars at 8:30 to 12:00 .The afternoon class starts at 2:00 pm to 3:35pm.

Transportation& shopping& Eating

Q1. How to get from west campus to east campus and north campus?

A1 You can get there by bus No.B8555 or walking on the BuYun Road.

Q2. Which subway exit is closest to the west campus?

A2. Liuxiandong station Exit C.

Q3. Any store in the school or shopping mall nearby?

A3. Yes, there is a Lotus mini store on west campus(opposite of dorm 5-6). And there is a Yuefang Square shopping mall around the campus, you can reach there by walking for 10 minutes.

Q4. How to apply for Shenzhen metro card?

A4. You can buy it on the metro station or online.

Q5. Where are the nearest KFC and McDonald?

A5. You can looking for it by using the map.

Q6. Any Café house in our school?

A6. Yes. On the 4th floor of Practice building A (知行园4楼 人文学院).There are self-service coffee machines in the teaching building and one in the library

Q7. Where can I buy daily necessities near the school?

A7. You can buy them in Lotus mini store on west campus(opposite of dorm 5-6). And there is Renrenle store in a Yuefang Square Shopping Mall around the campus, you can reach there by walking for 10 minutes.

Cards questions

Q1. How to get a student card(student card also is meal card)?

A1. Find Martin to fill the form and seal it ,and take the form to the bank (Teaching building 2 ,Ping’An bank)

Q2. How to charge the meal card (  student  card)?

A2. Go to the bank and charge it.

Q3. If I lost my student card, what should I do ?

A3. Go to the bank and tell them your student ID and freeze the student card and make a new one there.

Q4. How to apply for phone card?

A4. You need to go to the China Mobile or China Telecom to apply it by yourself.

(dorm building 9-10)


(dorm building 7-8)

Hospital & Infirmary & Insurance

Q1. Do we have Infirmary ? Any hospital nearby?

A1. Yes, we have infirmary in the school .(western campus dorm building 5-6 downstairs )we have Xili hospital ,by walk around 15 minutes by map to find it.

Q2.What should I do when I go to the infirmary?when does it open ?what is the phone number of it?What should I notice of ?

Step1:Go to 215 registration office room for registrate(take your student card and tell them your Id number and pay for 1 RMB)

Step2: Go to the doctor office for visit them

Step3: Take the paper(doctor gave u ) back to 215

Step4:Go to the room 217 pharmacy for taking the medicine.(go there and take out your student card )

It opens at 8:20am-11;10pm and 11:50-2:00pm and15:30pm-16:30(Tuesday afternoon is at15:30pm-16:00pm) and during the weekend or hoilday it won’t open.

The phone number is 26019160.

Q3.When does the  pharmacy open?


Q4. Where shall we go for a physical examination?

A4. Shenzhen Checkpoint Hospital near Exit A of Chiwei Metro Station.And you need to bring photos and 500 RMB in cash.

Bank question

Q1. Where can I change some RMB?

A1. Bank.

Q2. How can I get a bank card?

A2. Show your passport and student ID card to the bank

and fill some forms.

Q3. How can I pay for the study bill ?

A3. Go to the PingAn bank and pay for it.

Q4. Do I have to buy insurance? What is the guarantee?

What is the premium?

A4. It depends on yourself. You can consult with the insurance company or the bank if you need.